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    Deep green of coco, potting soil and BFAB
  2. M

    Leaf curling

    Hell all wondering if anyone can help . I just wondered what would cause curling this i am using water with a ph of 6.5 in biobizz light mix. Under a single vipar spectar 300w full spectrum thanks
  3. C

    Autoflower soil mix from Home Depot

    Basically, I don't have many options here for good soil. I would love to have Ocean Forest but the cost/time to deliver to my area is prohibitive. What they have at Home Depot or local compost is pretty much the extent of my access to soil materials. Is there is a soil mix that they sell...
  4. M

    Would this be considered heat stress?

    Hey everyone, greets from Chile, first post but long time reader :) Was wondering if anyone could tell me why my plant has presented this pathology. I use Janeco Light Mix, with BioBizz products, using a dosage recommended by them, water them every day, with a pattern of fertilizer 2...
  5. H


    Hi, I want to treat COPD/emphysema with CO.I live in Spain +so far have only managed to obtain rosin(nicele kush) which I have been told to heat +mix with olive oil or coco oil,Any advice about the ratio???
  6. elunex

    Transplanting Between Very Different Soil Mediums

    Long time lurker, first time poster... I was wondering if anyone could help. I have some girls that are about 3 weeks in now. They are growing, but are showing signs of nutrient issues, so I've picked up some nutrients to help that factor. But the other big issue for me is the soil I started...
  7. D

    How do you mix your nutrients in the proper & efficient way?

    Do you guys mix all your nutrients at once, and THEN add them to the reservoir? Or do you take it one by one. EXAMPLE: Do you mix all your nutrients (Cal Mag, SVA, SVB, etc...) into one mixture, and then pour it into the water reservoir? or pour the nutrients into the reservoir one by one...
  8. db003

    Completed Db003's PPP Auto Grow In Super Soil: 2x4 Growlab Gl80l Tent, 600W MH/HPS

    hello everyone its me db003 back at it again I will be growing some autos in a super soil mix I had a great grow with super soil in my last grow so I wanted to do it again this grow this grow will be grown with a 18/6 light schedule from seed to harvest like all my auto grows I wanted to do a...
  9. R

    Biobizz All Mix?

    Hi, Please be patient guys :thumb: My first grow in a indoor closet LED 300W my question is i'm aiming to use the biobizz all mix and I want to know if there is enough nutes in the soil to last till flower/bloom or to add nutes/feed and when to. IF so what nutes are best? cheers!
  10. B

    Abandoned Sweet Seeds Sweet Afghani Delicious S.A.D. Auto - Pre Mix Soil - CFL 200W

    Fellas, I am super psyched for my first grow!! and as promised when joining the forum will like to share the good bits and the mistakes with fellow farmer newbies. Would love your support and love. Strain selection Based on a really short grow time available to me, I narrowed down to a...
  11. flytier

    Completed Flytier's CKS Candy Cane Organic Closet Grow - Fall Of 2017

    Hey, everyone! Greetings to all my friends and passersby. I just started another 5-pack of seeds, hoping I'll see it to the end before it gets smoked. Patience seems not to be my strong point. This time I brought my camera along and got all the ingredients and steps of setting up my...
  12. C

    A question regarding soil

    Hi everyone, longtime lurker here to ask the experts a question regarding soil. I am growing outdoors for the first time with a good mate here in southern Australia We have a nice spot and are busy digging some big holes (1m x 1m x 600mm deep). Our plants will hopefully have an ideal environment...
  13. T

    Overwatering nute burn & stunted? Experienced growers please help save these plants!

    White Widow Pyramid seeds Auto (in slow release) Barneys Farm Pineapple Express Auto Northern Lights Blue Auto White Widow Pyramid seeds Auto (seedling mix) 1.2x1.2x2.0 GroCell 6" Exhaust, 4" intake (with vents also open) 6" - 430m3 43watts 270cfm 4" - 130m3 12w 77cfm x1 - 130w Dual...
  14. Ron Strider

    Cookie Butter Is A Dangerously Decadent Indulgence - Cannabis Recipe

    Cookie butter is more than addictive, it’s pure sin. Every oily, sweet, bite is better than the last, and it takes about a quarter or a jar to stop yourself. It’s the perfect vehicle for cannabis oil if you ask me! Biscoff cookies are commonly served as a snack, but ground into crumbly crunchy...
  15. S

    Advice on problem with leaves - Inc pic's

    Hi I am Looking for some advice please, as you can see from the pics below something's up but I am unsure what, here is some info on the grow so far CBD Nordle (its an amazing strain for MS patient's) Currently under a 250W HPS air cooled 9L Air pruning pots Veg nutrients...
  16. H

    Opinions on Farard Tropical Plant mix

    Hey All, I have been growing for a while now and have always used the same mix "Mykes Organic" but it has been discontinued FFS! The thing I liked about that mix is it was certified organic and the only nutrients in it came from compost. I found a mix by Farard called Tropical Plant. Have...
  17. R

    Another how to mix nutrients question - Please advise!

    hello all. My second grow; DWC Hydroponic. My question is; when I mix my nutes as instucted then ck ppm or ec and find ir high, do I dilute with water to bring to proper ppm?? I use coniseur AH products; PH perfect. When mixed as instructed, PPM was 1380; tapwater is 200 before nutes. I just...
  18. K

    Weak leaves & stems - Pictures

    Hi all, can you please help me out and advise, why these plants looks weak? Few leaves are just hanging down. I also removed few yellow leaves from the bottom end. Plant is 100% indica (critical cush), seeded 1st week of April. From seed till now in plagrons grow mix soil and airpots...
  19. smokeywokey

    Abandoned Smokey's 2nd Grow AK47

    Hi all. This time I'm just growing out one seed. 2x2x5 tent 250w MH/HPS Clip on fan and exhaust fan and ducting with carbon filter. Soil is my own mix. I added rockdust, dolomite lime and composted chicken manure to dampened plain potting mix and it's been sitting for about 8 weeks. Going...
  20. M

    CalMag - How does it fit into the watering schedule?

    G,Day All. When adding cal/mag to the watering schedule do you add it to the fertilizer mix after the ferts mix has been ph,d ? then water all together ? Or do you water plants first,then water with a separate mix of cal/mag ?How is it done ? Also how often do you use cal/mag in the watering...
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