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    First time grower planting tomorrow! Nutrient help

    Hi Guys, So today I checked my seeds and the roots are showing! Tomorrow I am planning on planting them (excited). I have a bunch of nutrients that I saw people recommended when growing with Coco. I assumed that I had to add them to the Coco before adding the seeds however from the recent...
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    Is it OK to mix FFOF with HP Pro Mix?

    Hey everyone, Is it ok to mix Fox Farm Ocean Forest with HP Pro Mix? I like FFOF but it doesn't dry out fast enough for me. So I was wondering about mixing the two to get better drainage and dry out a little faster. Would it change the PH level when mixing the two of them together? I was...
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    Mixing strains?

    swim is about to start on my second grow (first hydro) using an 3X3 ebb and flow trey and 600 wat metall halide for vegetation and 600 w hps for flowering thinking of using 10 chem dawg 3 sweet afghani and maybe two to three other single strains i wanna use the scrog or sog technique which one...
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