1. GeOMaTTiC

    Autoflowering Acupulco Gold

    Greetings, long time reader, first time contributor. While these are my first plants I have been growing of this type, I do have a background in horticulture, so its not that difficult for me to pick up on. My first seeds (one Acupulco Gold AF and one Snow White AF) were started back in late...
  2. Autolabor1

    Atolabor1 First Indoor Grow In Progress 2018

    Hello guys, I know there's allot of grows going on and mine will be just one of them. So thank you for looking and keep comments coming please. I love input. I'm growing with Fox Farms Happy Frog. 3 gallon plastic pots under a T5 20,000 lumens in an 6 x 8 area. I have from seed. 3 Marion Berry...
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