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  1. OrganicMan

    OrganicMan's Original Amnesia - MK Ultra - CBD Critical Mass & Cookies Kush Grow

    Hey everyone here at :420: So on to another journal :) After doing two auto runs I have decided to go back to some photo girls with a long veg time :) As I am moving house in the next couple of months I thought this would ease the pain of moving, only having to box up a few vegging plants :)...
  2. H

    Hodder's Scrog - MK Ultra - Soil - HPS - Air Pot

    :surf::welcome::surf: Welcome to my next single plant scrog everyone! Here are the specs: What strain is it? Mk Ultra by THSeeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica, G-13 crossed with O.G. Kush Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just flipped to 12/12 If in Veg...
  3. S

    First Grow - Indoor MK-Ultra 2013

    Hey guys - I've been reading these forums for awhile now and have finally made the plunge. I didn't start taking pictures until I started to flower because I was really unsure if the clones I was given would work. This was sort of a test run to see if I could do it - most of my knowledge is from...
  4. greenthumbesg

    DWC - MK Ultra - Multiple Strains Grow Journal

    This is my first journal so I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible. I am using a New Reflective Mylar 32" X 32" X 63" Hydroponics Grow Tent. With a 125 Watt, 65 Watt, 45 Watt CFL grow lights. I also using a clip on fan at the top of my tent, and a 32 inch oscillating fan. I am using a 4...
  5. C

    CanbisMxmus Grows Mothers

    This should be some good stuff peeps! I have 5 MK Ultra (G-13 x O.G. Kush), plus 3 Dynafem seeds, one each of: Blue Hash (Blueberry x Cali Hash Plant), Blue Widow (Blueberry x White Widow), and White Widow (whatever the WW blend is). These are T.H. Seeds, and Dynafem genetics. All five of...
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