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    Legalizing Marijuana In Canada Has Many Business Considerations, Says Lawyer

    In one episode of HBO's hit show The Wire, Stringer Bell, the brutal head of a heroin drug cartel in Baltimore, insists that his meetings about the day-to-day operations of the "game" run in strict compliance with Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, a book first published in 1876 that...
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    The Allard Case: Personal Cultivation Rights For Medical Cannabis Patients

    On February 24th, 2016, the Federal Court of Canada struck down new federal regulations providing access to medical cannabis as being unduly restrictive. In particular, the Court was troubled by the prohibition on personal cultivation. What does the decision say? The Marihuana for...
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    Outgrowing The Govt: Medical Cannabis Access In Canada After The Allard Decision

    Each week, new retail storefronts are opening in the city of Toronto. But these aren't your average retailers. Medical cannabis dispensaries, storefronts which dispense cannabis on-site to those with medical conditions, have historically operated on the margins of the law, providing access to...
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    Canada: Medical Marijuana Supply Chain And Distribution At Cross Roads

    It's a tough go for legal weed growers. Today, the Canadian federal medical cannabis system, or Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) is struggling to compete with the unregulated dispensary supply chain. Despite often lower prices, the tightest quality assurance in the world, and...