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  1. P

    Desktop button not working

    I'm using mobile and only been around a few days. When I started I could switch to desktop to like post and such. This morning I find it's not working. Hoping it's an update or something. Any other mobile users having this problem?
  2. Ron Strider

    AL: Marijuana Decriminalization Proposal Pulled From Agenda In Mobile

    The ordinance that would decriminalize possessing small amounts of marijuana by issuing a citation instead of an arrest appears to be on hold in the City of Mobile. Mayor Sandy Stimpson has requested that the UNTCC ordinance be withdrawn from the Mobile City Council’s agenda for Tuesday. An...
  3. 420

    420 Magazine Website News: February 2017

    As usual, it's been a very busy time around here. In addition to all the routine work, we've had both the annual & yearly contests. Special congratulations to our annual winners, Weaselcracker for Nug of the Year 2016, Light Addict for Plant of the Year 2016, SweetSue crowned Member of the Year...
  4. R

    CA: Challenge To Ordinance Prohibiting Mobile MMJ Dispensaries Goes Up In Smoke

    In 2007, the City of Upland banned both fixed and mobile medical marijuana dispensaries from any zone within the City's limits. Presumably this ban applied to mobile dispensaries delivering marijuana into the City from locations outside the City. However, in 2013, the City adopted an additional...