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  1. D

    Dick23rk Returns, Perpetual Indoor Gardens, 10'x12' Veg & Bloom, T5's, LED, HPS

    Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me and some of you may not, but there's a lot of new faces here that wont know me as well. I was around for a couple of years learning, helping and growing, then life gets busy sometimes and I had to take a break. I have now decided again that I want to...
  2. P

    Moby Dick's 5th week of flower

    Hey there, My girls are Moby Dicks of Dinafem and they are 35 days into flowering, 5 weeks are over. It is said that the flowering time is 60-70 days. Aren't they supposed to be swelled up by now? I'm a little worried. Any help will be much appreciated. I think they should not be this...
  3. PopoPipo

    300W LED - Hydroponic - Moby Dick - First Grow - With Love

    Hello weed lovers! :love: My roommate moved out and left me this IKEA "ANEBODA" wardrobe. So I decided to do a small investment and start a project I've had in my mind for years now! I started off applying silicone to all the cracks and painting the inside with white outdoor-paint to protect...
  4. A

    1st Grow - Indoor - Moby Dick XXL Auto - Blue Amnesia XXL Auto - White Widow XXL Auto

    Hey guys! My friend and I finally decided to try out our first indoor grow (and first grow ever), and we are very excited and eager to learn everything about cannabis growing, so any observation or advice you could give us will be very appreciated. Strains - Moby Dick XXL Auto (Dinafem)...
  5. J

    James' Big Plant - LST - Strawberry Amnesia Dinafem Seeds - Moby Dick Dinafem Seeds

    hello guys , my cicle dinafem seeds!:welcome: day 1 - day 30 veg.. temp:26° day - 18-20° night ur: 65% day - 70-72 night 1 week... ph: 6,5 ec:0,4 2 week.... ph :6,8 ec :0,6 3 week.... ph:6,8 ec: 0,8 4 week.... ph: 6,8 ec: 1 View image in gallery...
  6. A

    Annonsy's Outdoor 5 x Moby Dick + Think Different - 2013

    So after I checked out a few grow journals I have decided to do it my self aswell. So, the plants are currently in a growbox in veg. 18 hours of light a day 4x 25W energy saving bulbs. They will be taken out really soon now :thumb: So let's just get to the information. What strain is it...
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