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  1. Blondhottie

    Any Fellow Ontarians?

    I am in eastern ontario looking to know when is the ideal growing season for outdoors for my strains moby dick, white widow and bubblegum?
  2. G

    Are they ready? I don't have a magnifier

    Moby Dick White Widow :thanks:
  3. K

    New but old looker - Moby Dick

    Im New here. So ill post some pictures of my former Moby Dick, not quite sure what week it is. Ill start a journal here as soon I start a project. And to all people here, I have never sees nicer folks. So Hope we can be friends when I start posting here. Regards Kimbler 420.
  4. P

    Moby Dick - LED - Soil Grow

    MOBY DICK - LED/SOIL/INDOOR This is my first attempt at an indoor grow. Any help would be appreciated. I am growing in 4 plants from seed in a 3x3 grow area. I have a 300W LED light. Rated at 1000 pars from an 18" height. (Do I need more light?) Strain: Moby Dick (feminized) Flowering...
  5. G

    Moby Dick XXL autoflowering?

    Hey you Guys , Anybody has growed Moby Dick XXL ? If there is / are please share your photo and knowledge as well :) I could not find any topic for this baby .