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  1. steelcap956

    Aerogarden with added airstone/pump

    Just added extra aquarium air tank and two air stones in a T fashion right I. The middle of my Aerogarden7 LED. Waiting on my autoflower beans and a pH/TDS meter to arrive soon. Still far from ready for a bonzai bud machine grow but it's getting there
  2. M

    What is the best way to load photos?

    OK so I had a stroke a few months ago and my brain does not work as well as before. I have almost 50 years growing in 13 countries and can not understand how to upload photos to the site. Got a message from a mod telling me he was going to take down my journal about growing in an Aerogarden if...
  3. V

    Wilma root mod

    Hi, I wanted to mod my new Wilma for a hybrid system, do you think these holes are enough for the roots or should I make more or even carve out large pieces. Thanks.