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mold fungi

  1. J

    Trichromes or Mold: that is the question

    Just wondering what you guys think I think trichromes but have someone telling me otherwise.....what's your opinion.
  2. E


    Hello new grower here I have a 12 site autopot system we are on week 3 and I just turned on my system 3 days ago so it has been over 5 days since top feeding I am in a 50/50 coco clay pebble mix with an inch or so clay pebbles at the bottom I’m using gh flora series with diamond nectar bio root...
  3. Blew Hiller

    Gray Mold On Fabric Pots? Advice, Tips, Solutions?

    I suspect with the crazy high RH this summer many (outdoor) growers have seen more botrytis, aka bud rot, than usual. In the NE we have been getting hammered with 90%+ RH and it will continue for at least another week or more. I've noticed my pots have developed this nasty stain/mold in the...
  4. bakesale

    Mold mold mold & soil

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking a look. I have quite a bit of mold (white puffy balls) growing on my soil... Not sure what to do exactly, had a read and correct me if i'm wrong but this is what i might do: take off the top layer of soil which has any mold on it and any around the corners then...
  5. L

    Is this bud I bought moldy? - Picture

    hello so i purchased Purple Dream from this new dispensary in town, having looked at it closer at home, im thinking it is moldy...any experts can verify this, here is a picture, please let me know, and thanks
  6. J

    Beware of mold!

    Hello group, Just wanted to share this. Many of you probably already know this but I noticed my seedlings were showing some slight stress in week 2 here. I had used popcicle sticks with labels on them without thinking. I pulled the sticks out to look at them and bingo there was the mold! Did a...
  7. S

    First time grower NL Auto - Possible issue with top cola bud

    Hey, first time grower here looking for some help with an issue I'm having. Btw I only got this far from all the great posts on this website so thanks for all the great info so far! What Strain is it? NL Auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica How Many Plants? 1...
  8. G

    Tiny tiny bit of white mold on buds in curing jars - Help!

    Okay so I normally check the jars every day but I forgot yesterday. These buds are really fat but also have been quite moist and slow to dry. I put them in jars when the outside felt dry as I had to cut them off the stems early on for transport. I opened them up today and noticed a small...
  9. L

    hydro grow forming white mold?

    hello everyone I am growing these cherry pie x GDP in 6x6" grow dan cubes. giving them Gen. hydro's floramicro n floragrow. I have them under a 600W bulb. I failed to put the lids on for the first two weeks and started to notice the green was forming bad. so I put the lids on them hoping the...
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