1. Maelasae

    Hydrogen Peroxide for root stimulation and mold control?

    Is this an actual tip that works? I googled it, seems as though it helps with web-looking mold growth around the base of the plants and keeping the roots healthy, is this true? Also, what is the mold growing around the rim of my pots? I've been cleaning it up every time I see it, so I haven't...
  2. Buddskii

    Is this the start of something bad?

    2nd year growing outdoors and this is the first time I have seen this on my leaves. It just started recently. I dont see any mold spots. It's just a white powdery film that wipes off with the touch. Any info or help is appreciated.
  3. S

    Cleaning room after Thrips and meldew

    Hello, I had meldew AND thrips. I don't know how the thrips came. The meldew was my fault. I chopped everything down because I wanted to start a new run anyways. I sprayed and wiped the walls/floor/equipment with a mixture of 99,9 isopropanol and 96% bio ethanol. Should this be enough? I removed...
  4. 2

    Help my plants are turning brown

    Hi there ive got a couple plants in bud and theyre all roughy 4-5foot, in the last week on one of the plants i noticed the top cola and some of the buds arojnd it turning brown, would this be bud rot or mold? Im only a month into flowering outdoors so still another month and abit to go, any...
  5. B

    First grow, chalky bud top: Mold?

    Hello all. First time grower, single plant, 300W LED, unsure of strain. I’ve read a ton about mold and preventing it. Plant has been in flower for 7 weeks, everything seems great, but noticed this super white bud top yesterday. Whiter than all of the others. Is this mold? Something else...
  6. P

    Advice on fans, air circulation and PM

    HeyI have a few questions on air circulation. The reason is because today I looked on my exhaust fan (black AC Infinity) and saw some white powdery substance. Now my plants don’t have any on them and I quickly wiped the fan with alcohol. I have 3-6” clip fans and a 6” exhaust fan. Should I be...
  7. G

    Possible mold not sure

    Hi there, First time grower. Just not sure if my bud has mold. I think I may have harvested too early its not the biggest bud but I'm not sure if I just have tricomes or mold. The strain is ak-47 autoflower. Any info would be great thanks.
  8. 27218CCD-0B54-408B-BC6C-0CD63D52252F.jpeg


    So this happend in a week...
  9. D

    Please help I don't know what's happening to my plants

    Outdoors, end of october, its cold and wet and ive noticed the colour of the buds have changed colour and have noticed mold appearing :( Does anyone know whats happening The strain is lemon haze please help guys
  10. S

    Is this really bud rot or some kind of plant virus?

    So as I have seen my plants get more and more mold on them I have noticed a pattern, originally I thought this might be airborne and then got onto the plants via wind from some molding tomatoes and strawberries near by. The thing I find now is that every branch of my plant which had exposed...
  11. 4

    Possible bud rot?

    Hey guys I'm currently at week 7 in flower on my first grow. I have 2 plants (Royal Gorilla auto) I had some problem with over feeding or a nutrient lockout 1,5 weeks ago, where i flushed it using advanced nutrients flawless finish, after this i reduced the amount of nutrients i used by 25%...
  12. B878EAD7-2370-4361-8B68-3E6231AE616A.jpeg


    Mold graft...
  13. S

    Mold right before harvest: Help!

    Hey guys, right before I just left for a appointment I was looking at my plants and noticed one of the buds have white mold growing on it. At first I actually thought it was crystal but upon closer look I noticed it was mold unfortunately. I just did a bit of research and it looks like it may...
  14. Brnwn4

    What’s wrong with my plants?

    Transplanted from solo to 2g smart pots last Saturday. It’s now Wednesday. They are perked up but I think I have mold? I snapped off some leafs that had yellow spots. But I have this weird kinda white glow? It’s not crazy white put a little? There in roots organic original soil. Ph is 6.4 ish...
  15. A

    Clearing Clones for Entry to Grow Room?

    First, thank you to anyone who offers any guidance on a solid/ proven process! I live in a place where lots of vendors offer clones for delivery, but I’ve heard so many horror stories of pests/ disease accompanying stranger clones that I have yet to order any or take advantage. Instead I grow...
  16. Dazed540

    Rusting on leaves - Mag/Phosphorus or Mold?

    Hey guys, First time grower. Have gone through the over watering process, let the plants dry out completely flushed them w R/O. Then gave them some light nutrients. All Vegamatrix nutrients - organic soil with perlite/vermiculite at bottom of pots. I believe I made the mistake of not mixing...
  17. 20180225_181722.jpg


  18. 20180225_181749.jpg


  19. B

    Hash plant 12 weeks at 12/12 have dense buds - Worried about mold

    My hash plants are 12 weeks at 12/12...the buds are s o dense I am worried about mold...what do I do to not have that happen?
  20. C

    How not to cure your crop - Mouldy weed!

    Hi there all. I don't know if there is anything I can do but I have made a monumental srew-up after just harvesting my buds (just one plant). I had just cut down and trimmed my first ever autoflowerer and was just finishing trimming when I had to drop everything and attend another family...
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