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  1. R

    Tropical - Crop King's Dark Angel - Equator - Need Help

    a first timer here i have done and tried to search on growing in tropical countries, but it seems the most tropical people discuss about is around Australia and Florida. But I live really really near the equator, so i am wondering if theres anything i need to look out for. However there arent...
  2. ptk2k

    Favorite Pesticide?

    Hello all, I'm on my 3rd (successful) grow & feel kind of stupid I haven't set up a pesticide regiment yet. especially because I had a crop that I vegged for 12 weeks only to have mites take over. it was horrible, I tried no pest strips, habanero spray, soap water. nothing seemed to work. so I...
  3. S

    Mold on my germinating seed

    Is this a problem and will it spread to the other seedlings
  4. J

    Beware of mold!

    Hello group, Just wanted to share this. Many of you probably already know this but I noticed my seedlings were showing some slight stress in week 2 here. I had used popcicle sticks with labels on them without thinking. I pulled the sticks out to look at them and bingo there was the mold! Did a...
  5. C

    Best mold resistant suggestions for outdoor between 28*N & 35*N Experiences

    Any outdoor growers backyard or guerrilla have some suggestions for great outdoor strains in the deep south between say; 21*N to 35*N, not west of 96*W? Grew Pinepple Chunk last year didn't like my soil and very limited care due to working away from home long times. I did have a HSO Blue...
  6. Icemud

    Too moist when jarred - Minor mold developed - What to do?

    Hey everyone... So I rushed my last harvest and dried my plants way to quickly and jarred them while they were too wet. I made a few mistakes on this harvest and wanted to share, as well as ask for possible recommendations... Mistakes I made...: Dried too short of time with no circulation...
  7. A

    Is it molded?

    Hi guys. I am writing because i have checked a bud with a camera because it looked like strange to me, a bit. Also i do not know if these white balls on strings are mold or not. Could you tell me if it is or not?
  8. M

    Ammonia smelling buds - Cause and health issues?

    (I could't find a suitable topic on the website, so I thought that asking in the growers forum makes the most sense, since you are the guys with the most experience with curing and encounters with mold, illnesses, bad storing and that kind of stuff — feel free to redirect me to another forum if...
  9. L

    Questions about powder mold

    Hey Everyone i had a question about powder mold on fan leaf.. i picked up someone clones from a club and about 3 days after i got them i started see what i think is powered mold on the leaf.. not very much but this is the first time i've had this issue.. whats the best way to nip it in the...
  10. S

    Mold during drying - Help save my 12 ounces

    Recently got done with a grow, no visible mold during growth. I cut them and they have been drying with no issues I though, recently discovered a tiny bit of mold inside a nug. I went through it all and only found one other nug with visible mold after cutting the larger one into smaller...
  11. F

    Interesting Experiment With Soil

    (Notice that this "experiment" is not very scientific since I used different strains and also planted two of the seeds two days later than the two others). But it is "interesting" nevertheless. So I was deciding to grow some more Autos just for fun, they were AK47, Critical, Bullet Magnum and...
  12. S

    Help! Husband is going to burn all the powdery mold buds!

    I'm hoping someone can tell me ....Is it ok to make cannabis oils out of the buds with powdery mold. Or does the mold transfer with the oils, and contaminate everything? I really like the waxes, and the oils. Does using butane to make oils/wax eliminated the mold from the end product? Or...
  13. G

    Tiny tiny bit of white mold on buds in curing jars - Help!

    Okay so I normally check the jars every day but I forgot yesterday. These buds are really fat but also have been quite moist and slow to dry. I put them in jars when the outside felt dry as I had to cut them off the stems early on for transport. I opened them up today and noticed a small...
  14. JusD420


    Peace, been smoking for years but honest enough to say that I've just recently came into some knowledge about the plant. I wanna build with other knowledgeable people here and learn with and from you guys. Which leads me to this...what do you guys think about the health of these nugs? Any help...
  15. S

    Need Advice! Moldy/musty Smell in Flower Room

    Hi there! I'm currently 3 1/2 weeks into flower on my first coco grow. Things are looking beautiful, but as of yesterday, we've noticed a musty/moldy smell in the main flower room. This is VERY worrying. I do not see any signs of mold on the plants, and they're flourishing, but there is...
  16. trichomes

    Bud rot? picture shows inside is dead

    I saw some odd dead leaves on a bud, the plant is about 2-4 weeks from done. It was worse inside, looks like this is the only affected bud on the plant. I'm thinking the BT I apply 2 hours before sunset could be the cause. Any member input/suggestions for BT use would be GREATLY appreciated...
  17. ZaineFyrBlaz

    Leaves in early stages have grey patches, but they disappear as the mature?!

    Ok, here's my dilemma! I am a some what experienced grower and decided to start back after a few year jihadis. Of the five bag seed plants I started the season with, with the sole purpose of testing a new site/area, two died of animal consumption, one got stunted by an unknown...
  18. S

    White bumps on bottom of stem and branches

    At the 8th week or so of veg I noticed white bumps on the bottom 4inches of a couple of my plants.If I rub them enough they will rub off and my finger then smells very good. My plants seem very healthy... I first thought it could be mold of salt build up,but now I think it is thc build up, could...
  19. AlaskaThunder

    Mold? Photos of clones with white spots on leaves

    Hi, first time post. I got 7 clones growing right now off of my room mates plants. They have been growing approx. 3 weeks and are looking pretty good. There are 3 different strains in this grow. They are in veg of course and under a T4 fluorescent light. 24 hours of light right now. On a...
  20. G

    Air Purifier?

    Hi I am new to the site, (loving it so far) but I do have a question. Has anyone ever heard of using an air purifier in the grow room, bloom room to be more specific? I have a closed loop system and was wondering if the addition of such an appliance would be beneficial in aiding the purification...
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