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  1. S

    Help Please!

    hello i would like you to tell me what is this white mark (mold maybe?) and if so how can i get it out? (the plant is 23 days old and is pineapple express auto)
  2. S


    Is it moldy?....
  3. S

    Mold right before harvest: Help!

    Hey guys, right before I just left for a appointment I was looking at my plants and noticed one of the buds have white mold growing on it. At first I actually thought it was crystal but upon closer look I noticed it was mold unfortunately. I just did a bit of research and it looks like it may...
  4. M

    Help! Any way of saving moldy weed?

    i harvested last week and it dried out faster than i would have liked so i trimmed it and put it in jars about 4 or 5 days ago. i woke up this morning and checked my nugs and i have mold. i saw a video of jorge cervantes where he was washing off powdery mildew with some water and h202. so...
  5. L

    Is this bud I bought moldy? - Picture

    hello so i purchased Purple Dream from this new dispensary in town, having looked at it closer at home, im thinking it is moldy...any experts can verify this, here is a picture, please let me know, and thanks
  6. 1seaweed1

    Help! Mold all over

    Great Grow Gods, I have been growing in my bathroom and everything has been fine until crop #4, just one thing after another. Now I got mold all over shade leaves and some leaves where the mold has made it's way down to mix in with the crystals on my buds!!! What can I do besides move them...
  7. Love1Fear

    How to KILL MOLD on roots

    I have 6 plants started from seed on fathers day (june 20th i believe). The res temp was in the 80-82 temp since day 1, and today i noticed curling leafs and yellowing to drying out crunchy leafs (i was baffled for a week on it). I now see the white mold on the roots that are exposed to res...
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