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  1. Ron Strider

    Adventures In Medical Marijuana With My 80-Year-Old Mother, Part One

    In my life, I've smoked pot maybe 10 times. The last time was in 1987. That means that there are 30-year-olds out there who were not yet alive the last time I had a personal experience with pot. So I haven't exactly been well informed about marijuana usage in recent years. Despite my near...
  2. S

    States bordering CO

    I've heard the states bordering CO are watching closely car leaving CO. What do u think my chances would be to drive in/out. I would drive the speed limit & be sure all lights on car work, I'm 64yo w/short hair so I dont think I look like a "stoner". I just retired from 20 yrs trucking & moved...
  3. M


    Hi out there. Mooser and Lucy here. Seriously thinking about ordering some MOM. Has anybody had any experience, good or bad with this ?? Thinking about GanjaExpress. Any advice or comments ?
  4. O

    Smallest light for moms

    I just acquired another tent(2x4x5) and my current tent is a 2x2x5 with a Mars2 400. I am thinking about turning my small tent into a mom tent, moving my 400 to my new tent with another 400. So that would be 2x400 in the 2x4 tent and ???? For the small 2x2 mom tent. Recommendations please!!! OG79
  5. K

    Phoenix Mom And Son Pitch Investors On Marijuana-Themed Products On Show

    Phoenix, Arizona - It's called the 'Shark Tank' for Ganja-prenuers. 'The Marijuana Show' is all about pitching weed-inspired ideas to investors, hoping to strike a deal. A Phoenix mom and her son made their debut in season two. Andi and Christopher Martin came to the investors with very...
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