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  1. M

    Has anyone seen something like this?

    Plant has been harvested. No issues. Curing at the moment. Noticed this when I pull out the stem. Any ideas what caused this?
  2. L

    Bringing Sexing Back

    Forgive the terribly lame title. I know, 2007 called they want their shitty puns back. Ha Jokes aside, I was hoping you all could help me figure out the sex of a few of my (hopefully) girls. The first pic was taken from my main girl who's still in the veg tent at the moment. The rest of the...
  3. H

    Degenerate Art: The Art Of The Glass Pipe - Excellent!

    hi dunno if you have seen it, saw it on Netflix a few months ago thought of it a moment ago here I am telling you. your welcome, 'cause you are going to dig it.
  4. Littlegee1988

    What's your strain?

    Just joined the site a few days ago looking to make some contacts and find out what people like to grow over here, I'm on with super iced grapefruit at the moment and my first run were some bag seeds ready to harvest any day now
  5. G

    First time grower help?

    Hi I'm doing my my first grow ww x big bud x5 seed in jiffy pellets at the moment. I really need help on how to extract and intake? at the moment im in the loft it's all converted with 2 velux windows and it does have insolation but it's still very cold up there. I have my tent in the middle...