1. Ron Strider

    'Marijuana Moms' Say Smoking Pot Makes Them Better Parents

    Kaycee Bawdon is out to show that smoking marijuana while taking care of children is perfectly acceptable. When the mother of four from central California gets together for a playdate with other moms, they often enjoy some herbal refreshment while kids frolic in the yard nearby. Whether...
  2. Y

    Moms and Clones advice?

    Love this site, been reading up here a lot but never posted until now... I have a lot of friends who grow medically and they need me to provide them with more clones than I can even produce currently. I only have two T5 8 bulb light fixtures. I'm trying to figure out what size moms in what...
  3. G

    First-time Mom: Accidental switch of mothers to 12/12 light cycle

    So I had to turn my lights off on my moms for a few hours the other day which gave them roughly a 12 hour on / 12 hour off light cycle. Even after just one twelve hour night, my girls produced hairs. This is my first time cloning and I wonder if the Mothers have already produced hairs is it too...
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