1. Michael Hunt

    First Grow In 10 Years: DWC Bagseed, Sherbert

    Welcome to our journal everyone. Glad to be back on the forums after a long hiatus from growing any fun plants. There will be a giant plant, lots of rambling, and with a little luck, tons of pictures of big ol sticky buds. This grow is already pretty far along so i will go over the environment...
  2. TinyBuds

    Tiny's Garden of Green: Monster Pebbles

    Tiny's Garden of Green: Monster Pebbles ______________________________________________ Welcome to my Garden of Green. First off, let's talk about the seeds. I won three Monster Pebbles seeds, by Monster Genetics in a giveaway hosted by @George from The Vault and I'm extremely...
  3. DSC_0254 (2).JPG

    DSC_0254 (2).JPG

    Slurricane #2 - view standing beside her looking up
  4. B

    Monster cropping my mistake

    My last grow, I had a girl that got severely light scorched during flower. I chopped her down & tossed her out, except for 3 cuttings, which I figured I'd use to experiment with monster cropping. One of them made it! After about 3 weeks, it started growing new leaves. It's weird looking...
  5. J

    If i had three plants, Removed two, would then the one become a monster plant?

    So basicly, the title says it all! Im asking this as i have 3 plants who seemed to have slowed down on pace since starting flowering(Sensi Skunk Automatic) I use a Mars Hydro II 900 And was curious to wether if i took two of the three down, Would the last one(Id keep the biggest one) Turn into a...
  6. D

    Monster Grandaddy Purple

    I have this beast that I have been supercropping and have topped twice. I've never seen a growth like this and its I a superbox with only 200w cfl. I also have two gold leaf growing along side. The GDP has been in veg two 9 days longer. I just switched to flower after a 36 hour dark. I'm on day...
  7. Mono

    Mono's Monster 3.0 - One Plant - One Kilo?

    :welcome::welcome: Hello all :) I figured I would start and maintain this journal as a little side line project whilst I complete a couple of grows in the main flowering tent. For this grow there will be one plant grown in a 4ft x 4ft tent under a 250 watt hps for veg and an air cooled...
  8. Insanerooster

    Old new member is back

    Hi everyone I am back from a long forced break from the cannabis and 420 life, I went through a very harsh divorce that cost me my house and grow setup but I am back now and hopefully better than ever. I really can't wait to get catch up with old friends and make new ones. Well let the...
  9. J

    Sour Diesel & Northern Lights - 100 Gallon Smart Pot - Outdoor Grow

    Hey everyone this is my first post here. I am doing a grow journal for the 2 monsters I am growing this year. Tell me what you think please and enjoy. Here is the setup. : Location is a very far hike off the beaten path that leads to a field next to a tiny stream. I found it a month ago and...
  10. F

    A Huge - Literally! - Dilemma! Putting plants outside for flowering

    Ok here first a short summary about my current grow: I am in Southern Spain and we're usually vegging in a greenhouse. When plants are about 45cm or so we put them upstairs (outside) on a sunroof where there is a crazy amount of sun for flowering. This is my second grow, THIS time we're growing...
  11. S

    Monster Cropped White Widow - SCROG - Hydro - 2015

    Hey all, I am still pretty new to growing, and have learned a lot, and continue to learn as I grow. I appreciate any and all advice I receive and thank you all in advance. I recently grew out some Feminized White Widow seeds from seed to harvest and took clones when they were at day 22 of...
  12. B

    2 Strain - Hydroponic - Monster Cropping - Grow Journal - 2015

    Hello Everyone. I am a relatively new grower and about a month away from harvesting my first crop. I have learned a lot reading through journals on this site and would like to start my own journal using a Monster Cropping technique. If anyone is unaware of the technique I basically took clones...
  13. Smokin Moose

    Creme De La Creme Cannabis Photos

    I invite all members to post their favourite bud or plant shot in this thread. I am after your favourite image, that you feel best represents your love of the plant, or a personal growing achievement. I will start this thread with an image that is my most special pic. Please add ONE image each...
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