1. Ron Strider

    Legal Cannabis Sales Grow Globally

    According to a report published by Grand View Research, the global medical cannabis market is expected to reach USD 55.8 billion by 2025. Rising awareness of various medical applications in cannabis is one of the factors driving the market. The report indicated that chronic pain was the largest...
  2. Ron Strider

    New Jersey Marijuana Legalization: When Will Weed Be Legalized

    The grass is looking greener for New Jersey marijuana users. The idea of legal pot was once a pipe dream for those who so indulged. Not anymore. Gov.-elect Phil Murphy has pledged to sign legislation legalizing pot within 100 days of his Jan. 16 inauguration, prompting speculation on what...
  3. JayGeneration


    Some Grapegod from a few months ago...
  4. D

    Tiny auto fem

    Why did this plant never branch out? Why is it so small after 4 months?
  5. Q

    Concerned about upcoming drug test for work

    Hi guys! I'm a little concerned about an upcoming drug test for a job I'm hoping to get. I knew I was going to be looking soon, so I stopped smoking almost 2 months ago, and when I got an interview for today I ordered the DrugConfirm one panel test kit to make sure I was clean if they offered me...
  6. AtmozFear

    Abandoned AtmozFear's Perpetual Coco: Purple Crack, Granddaddy Purp & Two Autos

    I started growing with RDWC seven years ago, which was also my first growing experience overall, and I came to one important conclusion with full-on hydro: not only keep the ph under control, but use nutrients themselves to bring up, bring down or, most importantly, keep the ph level and...
  7. Gears

    Another Cannuck Virgin

    Hi all, I've been mulling over the idea of growing a few plants for a month or so now. A couple of days ago, I pulled the trigger. The 300 Watt LED grow light is at the local post office waiting for pickup. A couple of hours ago, an email from Crop King arrived to let me know my Auto White...
  8. K

    Crop Kings Haze Extreme review

    Hey all Just finished growing a Haze extreme. Its a reg seed and I only popped one and got a female so lucky me. I eventually potted up over 4 months (2 months veg) to a 5 gallon pot. I'd say it needed a 7 gallon for max yield as it was pretty root bound at the end. It was a super resilient...
  9. C

    What are those?

    I tried to grow 3 plants at home, with simple supplies. I found the seeds on "regular weed" so I don't know what sex they are. they have 2 months at the moment. Some things showed up and i can't tell what it is. Are they polen sacs?
  10. 420Masshole

    Not another Masshole

    High everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I'm a new patient, about 2 months now. I'm from Boston but soon moving South for some peace and quiet. A little over 3 years ago I slipped and fell fracturing my knee. Long story very short (HAHA), my 1st Orthopedic Dr...
  11. Katelyn Baker

    MA: Were State Leaders Right To Delay The Start Of Recreational Marijuana Sales?

    YES John F. Keenan State senator, Quincy Democrat With the passage of Question 4, on Dec. 15 it became legal in Massachusetts to possess marijuana for recreational use. However, last month the Legislature and the governor passed legislation that delays some parts of the marijuana law by...
  12. Katelyn Baker

    MA: Pro-Legalization Legislators Knew About That Marijuana Delay Vote

    Lawmakers' speedy and secretive vote to push back parts of the marijuana law by six months didn't come without warning. Many of the state's pro-pot senators were alerted ahead of time about the lightly attended informal session last week that delayed the opening of pot shops to mid-2018, but...
  13. Katelyn Baker

    MA: Legislature Delays Marijuana Shops, Deadlines By 6 Months

    But what it's nearly certain to do is push back the timetable for opening retail marijuana stores from the beginning of 2018 until the middle of that year. Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg said earlier this month that State House leaders had discussed delaying parts of the marijuana...
  14. C

    Help plants not grown for 2 months

    Hi, my plants don't seem to have gotten past the seedling stage and it's been nearly two months, they appear to be healthy but they haven't grown in almost 2 months so basically they are 6 inch tall four sets of baby leaves like Adidas logos, they look green and healthy besides the lack of...
  15. inkrick

    Myth? - Has anyone else heard of getting 1 pound per plant in three months for hydro?

    I don't believe it my self.. But if any one could shed some light on it it would be great thank you.
  16. G


    I know a grower that dosed his crop two months ago with Bayer 3 in 1 pesticide. He has another two weeks to harvest. Will this stuff be safe to smoke?
  17. Z

    Wild color and aroma unknown strain

  18. R

    1lb dry yield - Indoor - 3 months - 4 gallons

    I have 38 years experience. I started harvest knowing this was one for the records first average 12 oz. Per, the last few 1 pound dry 1 is well over a pound! Normal 3 months 4 gallon just tried a less is best and cut off nitrogen at bud. 4 1000 w over 12 ponds. Half that was very acceptable but...
  19. 4Dutchess

    Mason jars help cure?

    I think my medicine is better after sitting in a jar for 6 months? Is this true or my imagination??? Jesse
  20. E

    What size GeoPot?

    Hello everyone,i started Amnesia Haze and somantra last month,from SOMA seeds,their already in a 5 gallon geopot,its a little over a foot,very healthy,my concren is if it's already in a 5 gallon pot,and the outdoor season is just starting,and i still have 4 months left to veg?this may be an...
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