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moon phases

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    These are about 10 days apart... Big 1 = waning moon, small 1 = waxing moon.
  2. Ripe1

    Ripe1 Grow2 Lunar Planting NYC Turbo Diesel & Cheese CFL & LED In Soil

    Hey Folks! It's time for the second attempt indoor! I am experimenting with Lunar Phase planting and am very impressed so far! We're going with regular seeds from AMS. The Setup will be the same with a couple of additions.... Where: -4'x4'x6.5' Tent Light: -Seedlings and Veg under a small...
  3. Cloudblood

    Moon phases and the power it holds on planting!

    The Influence of the Moon The moon's orbit around our planet affects the rising and falling tides, air currents on the earth's surface, and the occurrence of thunderstorms. The gravitational pull of both the sun and the moon affects us, but we feel the effects of the moon more acutely. While...
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