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    CFL Grow

    Hey everyone. Did a cfl grow like 5 years back but I'm legal now and why change right? I'm doing 3 died strains. One plant each for now. Seeing which one is best. First up , I have the auto flowering Train wreck Second is sour jack and last but not least is super silver haze. Trying to go...
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    Planted My Beans In The Wrong Sign OF The Moon (Waning)

    I knew I was doing it at the time. Ten Beans... A couple of odd things happened. Six of the ten broke ground in five days in the solo cups. Normal..... Planted in the middle of the cup. I'm careful. ....One of these came up on the edge of the cup 2 inches away, that's strange but it looks...
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    Transplanting against moon phases

    Hey guys Yesterday I have transplanted my plants in jiffys to their final 7l pots. Used biotabs starter kit and soil from growshop mixed 2 parts of soil 1 part of perlite. But today I noticed when I check in growing calendar that yesterday is marked red and crossed, which means that you not...
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    Is the moon a light leak for outdoor grows?

    Would the moon constitute a light leak for an outdoor grow? If so, why would a tiny soft light leak matter in a grow room or tent? I'm brand new at this and trying to understand a lot really fast. My main concern is leaks where the fans are. Thanks, Joe
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    Phased Indoor Moon?

    I posted this on another site years ago. Finding it today inspired me to join my favorite site, 420mag, where i have been lurking for quite some time now. Posting this here in the hydro section because I am not asking about coordinating grow actives with the real actual moon... The idea that...
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