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  1. Sunrise African tomato farm 4.jpg

    Sunrise African tomato farm 4.jpg

    African sunrise the day begins
  2. Sunrise African tomato farm 3.jpg

    Sunrise African tomato farm 3.jpg

    Sunrise as the sun starts to show
  3. Sunrise African tomato farm 2.jpg

    Sunrise African tomato farm 2.jpg

    African sunrise with the sun coming up behind the clouds
  4. Sunrise African tomato farm 1.jpg

    Sunrise African tomato farm 1.jpg

    Sunrise with the sound of turtle doves and a jackal on the breeze
  5. bipolar

    Planted the clones finally

    I planted the clones the morning of boxing day.They were 20 days old. Crop King CB Dream. They survived their first 18 hour light cycle under 2 Mars Epistar 160 LEDs. A couple were a bit wilted this morning but the rest looked healthy. I am curious how long before I should see growth...
  6. beez0404

    Looks like a classic case of over watering - But I believe it is not

    I have been learning to grow since March. One of the most important things I learned early on was don't over water the plants. So with that said I present the plant above. It is a little more then 5 weeks old. Fox Farm Happy Frog with extra perlite. Fox Farm trio for nutes. It was switched...
  7. T

    My first surgery after Medical Marijuana

    I had a partial nephrectomy on Friday, 8/25. While I was in the hospital for 5 days, I was only given the standard Percocet and Dilaudid of course. I am a former opiate abuser so I have a lot of fear about using this stuff. I gave my wife the prescription from brain tumor surgery so I couldn't...
  8. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Fire Investigations Continue In Wavertree

    Investigators this morning remain at the scene of a fire which sent cannabis smoke drifting across Wavertree. Police and fire crews were sent to a terraced house in Wimbledon Street just after 6pm last night to reports of flames shooting through the roof. There was also a strong smell of...
  9. Ron Strider

    UK: Police In Sheffield Uncover Cannabis Factory In Morning Raid

    This is the cannabis factory in Sheffield which was uncovered by police during a morning raid today. Police tweeted photos of the drugs farm which they said had been discovered in the Nether Edge area of the city. Sheffield Central Local Policing Team wrote: "Early morning knock today and...
  10. X

    Just singed up

    Good morning all !
  11. O

    Morning Glory and Blueberry

    Week one flowering Morning Glory and Blueberry Week Two. Steams getting logn
  12. X

    Help - Woke up this morning and plants were very droopy

    hey guys, I got up this morning and my 2 plants didn't look too good very droopy. I fed the night before, but it did get cold overnight , could this have caused this?
  13. D

    White Widow leaves turning brown at tips

    I'm sure someone previously posted this same question but I looked and didn't find an example just like mine. I've looked at dozens of pictures of "too much of this or too little of that" and they're all starting to look alike. This White Widow was planted in soil (5 gallon smart pots)and...
  14. thedaveabides

    Need help from current & past Mills users

    The core of my issue is that my 55 gallon reservoir of Mills nutrients + a few other things climbs 1.0-1.4 pH every night since I mixed a new batch 4 days ago. Details below. I recently got myself a reservoir going so that I could quit hand mixing single gallons. My plants are mostly in soil...
  15. knotspeeds88

    Outdoor Grow needs Help

    I have to many plants in my tents so I stuck one Big Bud plant outdoors. It was doing alright until this morning when I went to check on it I found this...any ideals on what it is???? Thanks for any help that you can provide.
  16. N

    So I harvested

    i let it dry hanging upside down for 3 days when i checked it this morning it was all brittle and fell apart whats the deal?
  17. M

    New photos

    Just loaded new photos into the 429 glass gallery peeps should chek out and comment and let me know what the think!! Hope your haveing a good morning or eving whatever it maybe.... :) Cheers mr glassworks
  18. F

    Will my plants do fine? Low outdoor temps

    I live in Spain and temps are usually no problem, but it's *unusually* chilly these last two days at night and early morning, down to 8C (46.4F). The next days it's supposed to get warmer again. Do I need to worry because of those low temps at night?
  19. 2

    Help please - Will this work?

    ive been searched at school and found a throw together pipe I made, so I told them it wasn't mine and so far they believe, but I might have to take a drug test at 8ish in the morning, ive been drinking green tea and took a lax yesterday and just now since I was caught. im gonna drink pickle...
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