1. L

    Seedling getting yellow tips and leaves

    i am growing an autoflower Auto Amnesia haze day 15 since planted in soil only fed with water PH no nutes yet , soil is 3 compost 3 peat moss 2 perlite 1 vermiculite , shall i start the flora nova grow ??
  2. baxbax

    Can I use hydrated lime?

    Hello , I'm going to mix soil with peat moss and 10 percent wormcasting and 5 percent clay and 10 percent perlite . wondering about low ph of peat moss and may its continue decreasing during grow ? i know peat moss substrate have already lime added to it, company say its ph is 5.5 to 6.5 ...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    AnnaBis Makes Discreet, Odor-Proof Bags For Women And Their Marijuana

    Jeanine Moss was out with her girlfriends one night. All of the women in the group consume cannabis in one way or another, and they all decided to smoke together. Everyone started pulling out baggies and tins of weed. The next day, Moss remembers, she started looking for little cases to buy her...
  4. S

    Is peat moss not a good choice?

    I recently re-potted my plant and I'm a newbie.It's growing outside. in the old soil i could see run off after watering the new pot has smaller holes but i think the peat moss is causing it not to allow run off any more. it's a 50/50 mix peatmoss and seedling MG. Any Advice coments?
  5. Katelyn Baker

    Randy Moss Says NFL Needs To `Loosen Up Its Rules' With Regard To Marijuana

    Randy Moss once created a stir in the NFL when he admitted to smoking marijuana "every blue moon'' while member of the Raiders in 2005. So it's not surprising that in an interview with Friday, the former standout wide receiver said he thought the NFL ought to get over its issues with...
  6. baxbax

    How to mix peat moss as substrate

    Hello, I want use peat moss as substrate and its only standard substrate can i found here i can mix it with coco but i cant find a high quality and i prefer do not use coco at all unless i should pay lots of money to ship it but peat is available. people here using pure peat to grow weed but...
  7. D

    Far from new yet probably not old

    What up dyrtydactyl here intro post up yet another message horde, soon-to-be grow journals ,blogs and antiquated discussion withing the physiologic botany of connasuer crafted cannabis. A few shout outs right quick to T-Funk SQUAWK HAWK GENETICS Moss Boss Mainland Moss Inc...
  8. Jacob Redmond

    New Line Of Women's Accessories Block Cannabis Smell

    The idea came to the two friends because “we are fashionable women of means” who cared that all the stuff in their lives - the shoes, handbags, clothes, sunglasses - properly reflected who they are. Their accessories spoke of their professional success and their grown-up sophistication. And it...
  9. R

    Is this a soilless mix or a soil?

    Lets say 40% perlite and 60% Peat moss. Is that soil or soiless? How should it be treated? Peat moss is organic with a great ability to buffer alkalinity but it has no dirt.
  10. B

    Need advice on soil mix with peat moss

    Hey guys ! ;) I am getting my things ready for my second grow. I bought soil and Perlite for my mix and was wondering if it could help to add a small ratio of peat moss and dolomite lime in it? Also, I might be totally wrong but I've read that "dry peat moss" could help to make the...
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