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  1. R

    Someone please help

    Hi everyone hope everyone's good and was good over the holidays I'm in real need of help my plants are very close to crop I'd say a couple weeks at most and the past couple weeks iv been noticing this white powdery fuzz on the buds mostly on the bottom of them not all of them I'll post a pic of...
  2. G

    Goldylox's First Grow 3x3 1000W LED DWC

    Hey Everyone! Going to document my first grow experience right here for you guys to follow along with. My girlfriend and I are daily smokers, and that is expensive over the course of time, as many of you know! So we've decided to clear a section out of our walk in closet and throw up a 3x3...
  3. B


    If i was to manicure and dry in my grow tent woulld that kill most the smell if my filter going
  4. Ron Strider

    Medical Marijuana: Time For Missouri To Get In Line

    Fourth Ward Columbia city councilman Michael Trapp suggests the city lobby in Jefferson City for a change in state law allowing the sale and use of medical marijuana. Trapp also wants the council to support a statewide legalization petition in case the state does not act on its own to pass the...
  5. Ron Strider

    Is Cannabis The World's Biggest Cash Crop

    When you think of the biggest crops in the world, what do you think of? Probably corn, wheat and soybeans. And while those are some of the most popular crops in the world, that doesn't mean they make the most money. The website "Information is Beautiful" produces tons of super interesting...
  6. Akornpatch

    Honey! I'm home!

    Hi my 420 peeps! I'm baaaack! I trust (and see) you've all been well! Most of you anyways. Ha. See you around! Peace and love.
  7. L

    Excited to join learn and share!

    Hi all I chose to post on this site cuz I find myself looking at it the most. I first started growing with a stepdad at age 9 ever since then I've been in love. A few years ago I got busted (well I didn't a partner did an pointed that ugly finger) for manufacturing an spent two years in prison...
  8. H

    Most potent seed banks

    Hey guys Was just curious as to which seed banks have given you the most potent seeds. I'm using crop king and they looked good but I also want to shop around To find that top top shelf! Preferably opinions from growers who have use multiple seed banks therefore they can give an honest...
  9. M

    Powdery mildew outdoors EU

    Hi, so i have been fighting powdery mildew in every single grow i have done. For long time already i know why. I have a large garden and PM is everywhere on Roses, cucumbers, beens, ext. There no way to get rid of it in the garden. I have tryed every home made solution there is to man -...
  10. C

    Introducing Myself

    I have been an avid smoker since i was 13 i am now 55 and have an interest in growing.I bought some skunk feminized seeds and all came up great,well 48 of 50 but most died after about 3 days any help would be appreciated.
  11. Ron Strider

    The ABC's Of Marijuana Slang From The DEA

    The Drug Enforcement Administration has released an intelligence report given out to law enforcement agents to help them keep up with the latest drug lingo. There are nearly 300 terms on the list; here's a sample, from A to Z, along with our definitions. 420 "420" is mostly used in cannabis...
  12. Ron Strider

    Legal Haze Surrounds North Dakota's Budding Hemp Industry

    As North Dakota’s hemp industry grows, legal questions have kept producers from making one of the crop’s most desirable products. The Bismarck Tribune (Legal haze surrounds budding hemp industry | North Dakota News | bismarcktribune.com ) reports that bottles of cannabidiol were recently seized...
  13. D

    Good bug or bad bug?

    My leafs are getting eaten by something. I'm not sure what. I check the back of most of them and don't see much. I did find one caterpillar on my plant but it wasn't that big (yet). I think something else is eating the leafs. Most new growth is nice and healthy, but older leafs are meals for...
  14. Ron Strider

    What You Need To Know about Marijuana And Glaucoma

    The ability to reduce eye pressure and ease the effects of glaucoma was the first scientifically confirmed health benefit of medical marijuana, and it may still be the most well known argument supporting medical marijuana. However, this effect was discovered quite by accident. In the early...
  15. Ron Strider

    Sessions' Hard Line On Drug Enforcement Will Backfire

    In a memorandum providing new federal enforcement guidelines for anti-drug laws, Attorney General Jeff Sessions imprudently required government prosecutors to take a freshly hard-line approach. Although respect for the rule of law is essential, and a firm federal hand on nationwide criminal...
  16. N

    Most potent strains available in seed!

    Looking for some Potent Photoperiod strains that's available in seed form from Seedbanks! Please do not reply if it's a "Clone Only" or "Autoflowering" strain! Thank You all for your reply! Happy and safe growing!
  17. Gardenseed

    What's the most you would pay for seeds?

    I just saw Grand daddy purps from Gorilla seeds. 5 Seeds - $263.68 That's over $50 per seed, but I'm tempted. :30: What's the most $$$ you've spent on 1 seed. Was it worth it?
  18. D

    Best Cloning Method?

    In your opinion, what is fastest and most reliable method to clone,spray,air bubble or rockwool or similar medium?I'm new to this and I'm looking for the most reliable method.........thanks for your time.
  19. Gardenseed

    What is the best strain for time and production?

    What strain are you most satisfied with growing?
  20. S

    Your top 5 favorite strains

    Hey everyone. New here and just starting up a topic. Just wondering everyone's favorites on here. I knew only 1 would be hard for most if not all, so 5 should be enough for most. Please list more if you want. Sleepingdragon's Fav 5 (In no particular order) Super Silver Haze, Titan OG...
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