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  1. Crashdog

    Crashdog's Flavor Train - DWC & A Couple Of Dewey's

    So after getting a vape last month and giving that a shot with 3 different strains I was very disappointed. They all tested different but none were enjoyable. So this grow I'm hoping to stick something in my vape that actually tastes good. 4 Strains: Strawberry Amnesia - Mostly Sativa...
  2. T

    Hello from India

    Hello everyone, I am a cannabis user from India as you probably have guessed from the title. :Namaste: Been smoking for a few years now, mostly recreational. Looking forward to meeting all you fellow stoners :volcano-smiley:
  3. F

    Lighting recommendation please

    Hey! I'm thinking about growing in a closset, 58x54 cm (can be modified to 96x54 cm). Height is about 160 cm. What lights can you recomend for a "grow room" this size? I have mostly Lowryder #2 and some Nev Haze seeds btw. :Namaste:
  4. S

    Flowering at 14/10?

    I'm making a quick run of indica strains in coco. Strains are Bubblicious, Vanilla Kush, AK47, Bubblebomb, and Budzilla (all fems). The only possible sativa heavy hybrid is the AK but she looks mostly indica. I doubt they'll have any trouble going into flower at 14on 10off. I'm just worried...
  5. Justones

    Best way to add calcium?

    I was looking for something that was mostly calcium. But didn't see much. So what's the best way to add it?