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  1. farmertango

    How to care for a mother plant?

    Hi all. Going to start a mother plant to take clones off of for the first time. Indoor tent grower. Any suggestions on lighting and nutes?
  2. The Physicist

    The Lab: Perpetual Experimentation

    ~ Welcome to The Lab: Perpetual Experimentation ~ Welcome to The DIY Lab! The goal of The Lab is to test out scientific theories and Bro-Science Myths in cannabis growth to determine what factors really go into optimizing yields, from botany to ecology to chemistry and physics. We will dive...
  3. Th34v4t4r

    Th34v4t4r's DIY Perpetual Octopot With Scrog

    Hey guys, I think I'm ready and set for a new journal, as we are about to start a new journey. The last grow was a long and bountiful one. I got around 12ounce off of 2 plants. Now we are going for 4x that.. I'm undecided of whether to go 3 plants or just keep 2. It's part of the plan we've...
  4. OG x Haze buds, from harvest.

    OG x Haze buds, from harvest.

    Strong, potent, OG x Haze buds from harvest.
  5. OG x Haze buds, from harvest.

    OG x Haze buds, from harvest.

    Strong, potent, OG x Haze buds from harvest.
  6. Gwillith after treatment

    Gwillith after treatment

    Mother Tent Gwillith
  7. P

    Blueberry & Kush Skunk DWC Mother Grow!

    Hello everyone! New to the forum and this is my first grow journal I've posted online! Also I'm from Canada and BC if that holds any value here! Anyways I started these girls 3 weeks ago and I've been learning as I go but doing numerous amounts of research since this is my first DWC grow. I've...
  8. Whoberry Haze #1 Mother

    Whoberry Haze #1 Mother

    Topped her at the 5th node.
  9. Gwillith Mother

    Gwillith Mother

    Gwillith is on her way to giving cuts.
  10. Debilitator Kush mother

    Debilitator Kush mother

    She is ready to give more cuts, she's a fast grower.
  11. 20180712_094905.jpg


    Dinafem Critical + mother plant
  12. 20180618_131142.jpg


    Mother plant sativa hybrid
  13. 20180618_131603.jpg


    Indica hybrid reveg
  14. ThatOneGuyy

    In Search of Mother - ThatOneGuyy's Journey For A Perfect - Hopefully - Mother Plant

    Let me start of by saying, Thanks to anyone that decides to stop in on this journal. This was the place I started and learned much of what I know about growing and maintaining my girls. The journey was a long and wonderful experience. Life had gotten in the way and things came to an abrupt end...
  15. M

    Lighting clones & re-veg

    I live in a tiny condo and am forced to use my kitchen as my veg room. Have north facing double slider for glass. Question. Can I run my T5 and 400 during dark hours and use natural daylight to achieve 18 and or 24 hours of lighting? How should I set up lighting. This will be a multi purpose...
  16. R

    Mother Plant

    I would like to try using a mother plant . What is the minimal photo period that would allow a plant to vegetate and not go into flower? :Namaste:
  17. Z

    1 seed from a female in veg

    Hey all, I've been growing for a few years now and have always bought clones in the spring. I decided to save myself some $ and headache and keep a mother plant myself. I've had this mother plant for 9 months now and I dont have the greatest light set-up. The highest branches are all in...
  18. L

    L.A. Confidential - Indoor Soil Grow

    Greetings 420magazine community, I began my third grow December 18th by planting 4 L. A. Confidential seeds by California Bean Bank I had them under a New Wave T5 for about two months and then switched them under a 1000 watt HPS running at 50%. The 4 plants have shown signs of being female...
  19. WizHigh

    Cloning quick question?

    This is a quick question. Can you take main branches with 5 or more nodes and then cut it in half to make 2 clones from 1 main side branch? Is that possible? I plan on taking alot of clones from one of my plants and im planning on using everything instead of cutting and wasting lower branching.
  20. E

    When to start super cropping / topping clones

    Hey everyone, I've been browsing the web for a couple hours now, reading about super cropping / topping, and my question is, how soon can you super crop a clone? Would it be a good idea to start with smaller (around 6-8" clones) or wait? The idea would be to make this a mother plant BTW (24 hr...
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