mother plants

  1. Budddyy

    when should i start topping my mother plants?

    Hello ive got some mother plants, they popped above ground on 11th feb 2015 (20 days) they have had no nutriens just ph adjusted water, in 17 litre rhizo pots under 1 600w gavita. They are on their 5th node. I want to know as the title states when is the best time to start topping them ? Also...
  2. F

    White Russian's 12 days old - Problems!

    Hoping someone would help guide me through my current mess... I popped 6 white russian fem's (ss) on Oct.28. I used the paper towel method but just barely allowed the tap root to pop.. them I dropped them in 1.5 inch rockwool. They broke surface on the 31st, roughly. I had the rockwool in a tray...
  3. GreenChrome

    How can I keep mother plants small?

    Hey everyone, I am changing my setup a bit so that I can use both of my rooms for veg and flower. To do this, I need to keep mothers elsewhere as I will not always have plants in veg to take clones from. The space I have in mind is small, so I am trying to figure out a way to keep small mothers...