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  1. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    #3 Mother
  2. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  3. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  4. Red Afro Mother

    Red Afro Mother

  5. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  6. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  7. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  8. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  9. 20200905_162123 Root ball shorter.jpg

    20200905_162123 Root ball shorter.jpg

    Sawing off the bottom third
  10. Gelato Mothers

    Gelato Mothers

    Gelato Mothers I chose based on phenotype
  11. Super Lemon Mothers

    Super Lemon Mothers

    Super Lemon I chose based on the phenotype
  12. IMG_20191119_202739.jpg


    Biggest nicest plant in my tent is this lovely Bruce banger by seedman. Well done previous breeder.
  13. Skunky Mama reveg

    Skunky Mama reveg

    Durban Skunk. She has a musky flavour reminiscent of good cigars. She smokes smooth and makes high. Glad to have her on reveg and in training.
  14. 3313511D-7FAD-4216-97EB-64CE72F6B687.jpeg


    Top shot of a purple monkey balls my keeper my mother my saver this plant is def impressing me more and more the fans are reaching towards the light very nicely the top fans are huge prob biggest size fans specially size of pot I am. Let the flower begin ph to 6 coco coir flower 5.8 veg mostly
  15. A Gwillith Mother to be

    A Gwillith Mother to be

    Gwillith clone chose for motherhood

    Plant starting to flower in veg

    Hi just wondering if anyone can shine some light on what's happening here. I'm trying to create a mother plant. I bought some exotic genetics kimbo kush x triple og REGULAR seeds. Ended up with 3 females. Took some cuts off each after they'd been in veg for about 8 weeks. There about 12 weeks...
  17. OlderStoner

    Pollinating Female With A Male From Same Parent

    I have two plants grown from seed that I know are from the same mother plant. One of them has just shown it's sex and is a male. While I can't be sure about the other yet, it does look like it's a female. However, as one can easily see, they are brother and sister, if you will. I would like to...
  18. Ron Strider

    Germany: Teen Turns In Mother For Growing Marijuana

    German authorities say a teenager had to be taken into protective custody after his mother became infuriated with him for turning her in to police for growing marijuana plants at home. Police said Tuesday the 15-year-old called authorities to report his mother Monday night after confirming on...
  19. X

    Flying Cannabis Plants Animation

    Enjoy a fun animation with a Yosemite Cathedral Peak & Mother of the Forest in the background
  20. S

    Pot Size For Mothers & Clones

    Hi guys! SOG is really interesting! I am wondering what pot sizes did you guys use for both - the mother and the clones. I have stated my "ideal size" below, but am 100% receptive for your input!! Small info about space The veg space is sufficient, but not limitless. The flower space is 80 x...
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