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  1. T

    Trying to grow mothers but they are flowering

    Blue Berry and Orange Light 3x3 tent 2x 450w Platinum LED veg&bloom on 18/6 foxfarm ocean forest 3gal smart pot water once a week or when dry GH flora trio every 3 weeks mild veg I am trying to grow a blueberry and an orange light mother to clone and plant in my hydro setup. I planted...
  2. Ripples

    LED Question

    Considering a LED for my "Mother Plants"... 4x4x7 with 4 mothers... Currently using MH 400w 18/6... What should I be looking for? Do not want to flower with it just for my mothers! If works well possibly use one for Veg. Only... Not sold on LED for flower but have heard good things for...
  3. OGClean

    Pests - White flies out of nowhere!

    So this infestation came out of no where. They look to be white flies, eggs under most/all my leaves they are destroying my ladies any advice would be helpful. Im running a short stack tent with a tek 4 florescent light. 4 mothers and a cloning bucket the mothers are in roots organic...
  4. Johnboy6006

    GJ - Critical Kush Mothers - Barney's Farm

    About to get some mothers going for my grow, I'll be going with some Critical kush. I'm going to start them under my 2' x 4 tube flourecent. I'll grow them out till I can get between 10-15 clones off them(I will have a seperate journal when I get the clones up an going). I soaked two seeds on...
  5. U

    Growing Mother Plants

    hello all, my question is: can i have the extraction fan running only during the light cycle and not 24hrs?? have a 120x240x200 tent.... as i aint flowering the plants would i still need a 5" fan even though i have only 1 600watt hps light and 2x 250watt CFL (for cuttings) ...
  6. C

    Soil, Soiless, or hydro?

    Having trouble figuring out how I want to keep mother plants. I currently have one Home Depot bucket with a fish tank pump pumping solution in the bucket over the plant (stuck in a coco basket in a hole in the Lid), two waterfarm buckets, and one in soil. I eventually want to find a single mom...
  7. G

    First-time Mom: Accidental switch of mothers to 12/12 light cycle

    So I had to turn my lights off on my moms for a few hours the other day which gave them roughly a 12 hour on / 12 hour off light cycle. Even after just one twelve hour night, my girls produced hairs. This is my first time cloning and I wonder if the Mothers have already produced hairs is it too...
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