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    New With Two Questions

    1. Are these ready for the introduction to the 12/12 phase? 2. I live in an apartment and had a brilliant idea of moving the plants to my bedroom to better hide them. All seemed good but yesterday I opened the window to give the room some air. Closed the window and all seemed fine until...
  2. trichomes

    I caught the Moth Eating Bat! in HD video

    You may have heard mention of the BAT that feeds on moths I see every evening. Finally got him on this short video, that plays at live speed and then at slower speed. It's nice to get some help with the many moths I am battling. :peace: Here's the link that can be viewed in full screen HD...
  3. trichomes

    Completed Late Outdoor Coastal Progress Journal 4 Strains

    Just thought I'd share progress pics of this girl I started inside, she's been in the ground outside since early July. my first journal attempt: What strain is it? Vanilla OG Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa dominant Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower If in Veg...
  4. trichomes

    Best way to remove Moth eggs from my sticky buds?

    I gotta get more LadyBugs tomorrow, I can't keep the moths away at night, I see eggs all over, the BT appears to be killing the hatched worms, but I just hate seeing the eggs! Any feedback greatly appreciated! Here's the plant today, it is bursting w new growth, even after 2.5 months outside...
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