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  1. Cannafan

    420 Motoco Memorial Grow - Community Journal - Tribute

    Welcome to the 420 Motoco Memorial grow journal. We are here to honor our Friend and Mentor, 420 MOTOCO (Tim), who passed away suddenly on December 19, 2015. This journal is open to all who want to grow their favorite strain for making Concentrated Cannabis Oil, or other medicinal uses as a...
  2. CCOiler

    Cannabis Oil Users Cafe & Lounge

    WELCOME TO THE CANNABIS OIL USERS CAFE & LOUNGE Kick back and relax away your stresses with a friendly and caring group of Concentrated Cannabis Oil users. Virtual drinks and snacks are always free, and you can bring your own snacks, buds....or "treats" to pass around. We have an indoor...
  3. V

    Please Help!

    Hello All, I am a stage 4 colon cancer patient, female, with unresectable metastases to liver. I have been struggling with these metastases for 3.5 years, trying to eliminate them and nothing helps. Now it looks like the end game - things are really bad.... MJ is my last hope, but I have...
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