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  1. R

    Light mover

    I've just brought 2 meter light mover, puting it in 120 by 240 tent. how many second do I stop at end? And how quickly do I go from end to end?
  2. ShiggityFlip

    Shiggityflip - Follow The Yellow Brix Road With The Perfect Sun 1000

    Hey all, Shiggityflip here with a sponsored journal from Black Diamond Grow lights. Featuring the Perfect Sun 1000, a 520 watt light that puts out heavy PAR numbers, competing directly with the output below a 1000w HPS. I first started working with this light last grow, you can see it here in...
  3. MediGrower1

    1 LED plus 2 UFO's plus Light Mover equals what? Can it be done?

    :welcome: Here are my thoughts. I have a large 900 watt LED and 2 small 90 watt LED's that are red only for flowering supplement.. My tent is a 5x5.. Ideally I would make a lightweight rig that mounts the 2 UFO's off the main center LED.. My idea is to make it so the UFO's are slightly angled...