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  1. BraicaBrick

    Skywalker Kush & Company - Soil - LED

    :420:What's up 420 Family! :welcome: Re-Vamped and Ready. We're coming up on flower and I wanted to make sure Everybody could watch my back moving forward. Growing together across land and sea- I love it. First round with these strains, We'll see how good I'm not. First thing's last.. These...
  2. baxbax

    Flowering in summer?

    hello ... my big plant started dying ( indoor ) and i cut some clones and wait until rooting - heres now winter i have plan moving them outside in spring until they grow big and flower them from mid of summer when light is powerful and days are so hot - i have plan moving them from my balcony...
  3. C

    First attempt update - What do you guys think?

    This is how they look now, 2 days after swapping my grow lights for a 400w COB led model and moving them to 5 gal pots. How do they look? Any tips on how to train them?
  4. Will99

    Moving House, Need Help Hiding Grow

    Hey Im still young so living at home with my mum, she knows ive started growing and doesnt really mind but her boyfriend doesnt know, and were trying to keep it that way aha, but the problem is that were moving house soon, its not far but im trying to think of how im going to hide and move my...
  5. A

    Anna from Seattle is stressed out :)

    Seriously our state government has gone crazy. Some of the activists sold out and screwed the farmers and patients. So I'm sitting here smoking tree after tree and packing my stuff. I'm out. I look forward to meeting people in Colorado on 420 :) :Namaste:
  6. G

    Bringing plants indoors

    Is there anything special I need to dd before bringing plants that I have been growing for the summer inside?
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