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  1. Ron Strider

    UK: The Case For Decriminalizing Cannabis

    Today, under current laws in England and Wales, cannabis is almost always officially illegal. The Home Office tells us there are no plans to legalize the drug. When last debated in Parliament in 2015 the government announced "substantial scientific evidence shows cannabis is a harmful drug...
  2. R

    Hemp, Cannabis Could Help Greek Economy, Say 20 Syriza MPs

    20 SYRIZA lawmakers called for the full legalisation of hemp and cannabis for industrial and medical reasons respectively, saying it would help the economy, in a question submitted to several ministers on Monday. "Since 2013, we've been waiting for a signature by the relevant ministries for...
  3. R

    Canada: Pot Activist Mails Message To Liberal MPs - A Book With A Gram Enclosed

    Liberal MPs will soon be getting some interesting and fragrant mail. Pot activist and former B.C. NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen is sending a special package to the 184 politicians. The manila envelope contains his and illustrator Patrick Dowers' new book Cannabis in Canada, the...