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  1. Pirate Prentice

    The Mrs

    Hi y'all it's Mrs. Growchy Greenz, aka Mrs. 3G aka Mrs. Greenz aka Growchy's partner in crime, it's my garden too lol. Growchy and I started on 420 as one entity but I have to be honest, Growchy does a bulk of the work here on 420 so here is my introduction as the Mrs. My main focus is our...
  2. Ron Strider

    Australia: Lucy Haslam Says Medicinal Cannabis Regulations Are Broken

    A Tamworth movement helped change the tide on medicinal cannabis in Australia, but our local advocates are struggling to take pride in today’s system, where compassion has taken a backseat to political point-scoring. Lucy Haslam says the medicinal cannabis conversation in Australia needs to be...
  3. Ron Strider

    Hartley's Michelle Crain Out To Change Hemp's Negative Image

    The hemp plant has been much maligned in recent decades however Hartley resident Michelle Crain is seeking to change its image. Crain is the organiser and event manager of the Hemp Health and Innovation Expo and Symposium, which will be held at Sydney's Rosehill Gardens on May 27-28. The...
  4. R

    Australia's 1st Hemp Health & Innovation Expo On MMJ Comes To Rosehill Gardens

    Lucy Haslam once perceived cannabis as a dangerous drug responsible for psychosis in long term users. That was until it gave her son Dan, terminally ill with stage four bowel cancer, a better quality of life. Now a vocal advocate for the decriminisation of medicinal cannabis, Mrs Haslam urged...
  5. R

    Hillary Clinton: More 'Research' Needed On Marijuana

    Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Thursday said she supports state experimentation with marijuana regulations, but she argued that more research needs to be conducted before decriminalizing the drug on a federal level. "What the states are doing right now needs to be...
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