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  1. TennesseJed

    G13 Haze, MSNL, Week 8 Of Flower

    G13 Haze from MSNL, week 8 in flower. 4 Plants are in a 4x4 tent, using a 600w HID and 2 -108w LED Grow Bars. Fox Farm Soil and the complete nutrient package, include micros.
  2. G13 Haze (MSNL)

    G13 Haze (MSNL)

    G13 Haze - Week 8 of Flower
  3. G13 Haze (MSNL)

    G13 Haze (MSNL)

    G13 Haze - Week 8 of Flower
  4. C

    First Time And Not Going Good Right From The Start

    Well, i decided to try to grow my own medicine. i am completely legal in the state of CO to grow anyways but i have epilepsy and dont have enough money to support my needs through the dispensary. So, to grow i will try. I first off wanted something that i havent had before so i scoured the net...
  5. J

    Tonks' Grow#2 - MSNL Autos Lemon OG - Caramelicious & White LSD

    Hey hey! So back for round two. Starting this a little late, I'm 4 weeks into the grow. But they're looking good so I'm cautiously optimistic about the whole thing! This time I'm doing topping and LST, my first goes at any kind of plant training, so keen for any and all tips as we go :D...