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  1. N

    Nick Hardy's Skunk Works #1 10 Strains 18 Solo Cups 4x4 HPS/CMH: Thailand!

    Alright, alright, I just… Whatever, 😅 Loving the Solo grows. Really so fun but this although perpetual marked may finish by the end of the year. Legislation may change. We won’t grow illegally. At the moment we are within the law it changes we’re out. But I have this mother lode of strains...
  2. HugePeckerhead

    Abandoned My Perpetual Magical Garden: Huge Does Multi Strain Fun Runs

    I'm back at it again....I'm getting ready to run a bunch of different strains from a bunch of different banks. Here's a list of some of the strains already ordered. As I start the set-up , I'll start adding the information. With that being said my list is as follows. Durban Poison Girl Scout...
  3. LeDankMaster

    Abandoned LeDankMaster - 1st Grow & Journal - DWC - LED - 4x8 - Multi-Strain - "Purple Swag"

    Hello 420 Magazine followers, this will be my first serious grow and journal I have ever posted. I put a lot of my time and effort to try to get the best out of everything. What strain is it? Bag seeds that are apparently Lemon Haze X9, Blue Cheese X5, Lemon Kush X3, random X1, Barney's Farm...
  4. H

    Abandoned Hydro1000 - 2016 - Perlite/Hempy Bucket - Multi-Strain - Perpetual Grow

    It sure is great to be here around so many great people, great growers, great info......just an all around great site to be on!! Thanks all for your stories of family and friends, my heart goes out to all who have fought and are still fighting for a better quality of life with this remarkable...
  5. K

    Abandoned LED - Soil - Grow - OG Kush - White Widow - NL - Sour Diesel & White Berry

    Hi So this is my first grow. English is not my first language so there might be some spelling mistakes. What strain is it? og kush, white berry, white widow, sour diesel and nl. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? veg Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro? soil If soil... what is in your...
  6. M

    Abandoned M1's Multi Strain - 1500W - DWC/Soil - Grow - Lots of Resources

    Hello everyone, let me be the first to wish you all a great day and :welcome: you to my grow. During this grow I will be recording in depth over all plant health, growth, characteristics of strains and the method to my madness. Here I would like to share information and learn how other people...
  7. M

    DWC 1500W Multi Strain Grow

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my up and coming grow! I am new to the website and I'd like to give you guys an idea of where I'm coming from. 2 years ago a young man put some Marijuana seeds in some Miracle-grow and put a few cheap CFL's on around it. 3 days after germinating the seeds I had a...
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