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  1. Coloradokid19

    ColoradoKid's Soil Multi-Strain Grow 2016

    Second Grow So guys I finally received my seeds yesterday from seedsman. 7 days exactly from when they sent me an email saying they shipped my seeds, which was the day after I placed the order. Anyways in this intro I will fill out all of these questions the best I can to help everyone...
  2. E

    ECG's Multi-Strain SoG

    Hey 420mag First post on any forum in a while. Been more of a ghost reader for the past few years, decided to finally put join the community and start a journal. Only actually my third run, having ran two separate ScrOGs with a single closet tent last year. Closed down my setup and reset 4...
  3. snowskate328

    Snowskate's Perpetual Organic Medical Grow

    Hello Everyone!! I am starting My second grow and this will be my first post on this site. As the title says I am doing an all organic grow. I have a 1000w hps light in a 4x8 grow tent. Here is my strain list. Headband, Herojuana, Purple Voodoo, and Romulan. I have pics and also a video of my...
  4. n0ctem

    N0ctem's Poor Man's Mixed Strain Indoor Grow

    Hey guys, So I've lurked on this forum for awhile now and I've decided to start a journal for the grow I started a few days ago, so here goes nothing. At the moment I have two clones in Roots Organic Soil, One XJ-13 and one Casey Jones(In 24/0 at the moment). I also have several Warlock seeds...
  5. B

    600W HPS - Light Mover - 3x4x7.5 Tent - LED Veg - Perpetual Pt. 2

    Welcome to the BatCave and to the HPS version of my perpetual grow. I have been growing successfully with LED's for the last year, HPS the year before that. I started up my 250HPS with my LED's when I switched to a much larger tent than I have been using, mostly to keep the tent in the 70's. My...
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