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    Gummies 80mg
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    Come on daddy Stella says
  3. 420SOS

    Weed & munchies

    I can't seem to help but raid my fridge every single time I get high. Why does cannabis make you feel so damn hungry? Love eating while high as a kite, ain't nothing like it
  4. N

    Glycemia, Cancer And The Munchies

    I am still learning how to bypass the high, which a lot of people here call the euphoria. The secret of that art is still a mystery to me. So after putting some drops under my tongue and later swallowing them, I got a nice buzz on. Then I got the munchies. So I started thinking about what...
  5. R

    Unlikely Partner In The Fight Against Weight Gain: Cannabis?

    The mainstream media, pharmaceutical firms, and alcohol companies want you to associate cannabis use with lazy stoners who make late-night runs to Taco Bell due to extreme cases of the munchies. And while there may be regular consumers of herb who live a sedentary, snacking-based lifestyle, they...
  6. preprodigy

    Whats the wildest and craziest food concoction you've ever made just bec your high?

    :welcome: Im hoping to get some ideas for delicious food combinations that i can eat while im high, not necessarily with thc in it, i dont wanna get that high haha, The man who smokes five blunts while satisfying his hunger with a plate full of cannabis brownies, drizzled them in hash oil...
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