1. C

    Calaveras Kid 420 Music

    I am blasted by rap music during harvest by the youngsters.. I wish they could chill out musically Please go ahead and add your favorite here I have been enjoying this one a lot lately.. Somking my keef this Christmas morning and drinking my coffee
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: From Ray Charles To Cannabis Gummies

    Growing up in Pittsburg, Curtis Ohlson and his best friend, Demetrio Ramirez, always had their Ralph Kramden ("The Honeymooners") get-rich-quick' dreams about them. They never got rich quick, but dreams did come true. Both majored in music at Los Medanos College, yet one stayed on the...
  3. Gardenseed

    Good "getting high" music.

    I'm looking to expand my knowledge of music. What do you listen to when you chilling these days?
  4. 4

    Music for the plants

    I believe plants respond to ultrasonic stimulation :green_heart: This is the kind of music I got going on in my garden. It's very relaxing to work in this ambiance :thumb:Soothing Space Ambient Music | Cosmic Harmony for Stress Relief, Meditation, Yoga, Healing - YouTube Native American Flute...
  5. AndrewCalif

    Let's know each other with music!

    ONLY POST IF HIGH: What music are you listening to RIGHT now? Afroman - Because I Got High - YouTube Artist: Afroman Album: Because I Got High Released: 2000 Genres: Pop, Hip-hop/rap
  6. K

    The Coolest Cannabis Farm In Oregon

    In a dank, disheveled office on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, Richard Vinal is marveling at the handpan steel drum he has just unboxed, shipped here to Hillsboro from Asheville, North Carolina. "I know the guy who makes these," he crows. "I got a sweet deal." He strums it lightly around the...
  7. merryali

    healing music

    Hi, just thought I'd see if anyone else is familiar with this music & concept. I learned of it about a year ago. It is music that contains certain "hertz" levels that claims to be very healing. Am posting a vid, and if anyone takes the time to watch it, would love to be able to discuss the...
  8. K

    ck out my Music!

    peace and enjoy. Feel The Way by TT & Co | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  9. HashGirl

    Canadian Music I Love

    It's amazing to me how much Canadian music I love. In Canada, for those of you who don't know, we have something called the Canadian Content law, which says that Canadian radio have to play a certain percentage of Canadian Content music. Here's a link with more info: Canadian content...
  10. E

    What happened to real music ?

    The eco system of the music world has died,artist today just cannibalize older music,and say what thay think people want to hear,real music has no lyrics,with the acception of talented artist.these days I listen to BUDDAH BAR,THEVEORY CORPORATION,NIGHTMARS ON WAX,some classical by JOHN...
  11. R

    Looking for some 'laughing' music

    Hi Guys! Just joined this forum - hope all are doing great =] I've been smoking ganja since 6 years and now am looking forward to some good quality music. This has happened recently that me and my friends have been looking for some damn good trance. But damn good - we're looking...
  12. HashGirl

    What Were Your Favourite Concerts?

    Mine were: George Thorogood & the Destroyers - May 2000 Green Day - July 2009 The Who - 1982 Black Steel - 1980? (a band from the old neighbourhood when I was around 20) Barenaked Ladies - 1997 Goddo - 1986? Leahy plus Ian & Sylvia Tyson - August 2002 - it poured all weekend but the music was...
  13. nivek

    This one's for you Dave

    I am sad today,, i am a musiciam/songwriter, and the perfect age to have been influenced by the music of the nineteen seventies,, my creativity had not yet kicked in but for some reason I was very attracted to the music of one,, David Bowie,, Maybe the artist I respect more than any...
  14. HashGirl

    What's Your Favourite "Air" Instrument to Play While High?

    Mine is drums.
  15. HashGirl

    Best Music Videos to Watch When You're High

    What are your favourite music videos to watch when you're high?
  16. C

    CloneAPalooza II Autism Benefit Festival:Largest Green Friendly Festival In Easton,WA

    Coming September 12th-thru-14th, just a short trip from Seattle in scenic Easton, WA : CLONEAPALOOZA! Three epic days of camping and fun including comedians, food and craft vendors and 30 live bands, featuring the Northwest's Best Metal, Rock, and Hip Hop. Tickets start at just $30, for...
  17. B

    Rasta girl sings to help Blue Dream in her bedroom... Awesome

    Londi Gamedze -- Blue Dream - YouTube
  18. J

    Favorite 420 Band?

    Mines gotta be Jimi Hendrix when I'm relaxing in the night after a long day
  19. Skutch

    Hi from the Netherlands

    I'm new to this forum, but not new to :yummy: I've been growing for a while now, both in- as out- doors. My fingers aren't as green as I wanted, but I can handle a solder-iron quite well. I love designing building and programming electronics and although my own shadow still will be the best...
  20. P

    Symbiosis Gathering | Pyramid Eclipse 5.17.2012

    Eclectic and international, groovy and bangin', we love it all. Pyramid Eclipse will host a collection of musicians from all over the world and a myriad of genres as we further deepen our studies of the perfect dancefloor. Every facet of this gathering is an opportunity for the work, whether...