mutant plant

  1. KommandoGro

    Mutant afghan auto

    Here's a mutant worthy of the circus!
  2. Mutant#1.jpg


    Single to think I had 1 fan have 5 prongs
  3. Purple Deliciousness

    Purple Deliciousness

    My little odd plant definitely has turned into something so beautiful. A fellow member suggested I put this pic in the gallery. You can check out her growth in the link below.
  4. 20181023_104310.jpg


    DT - Mutant single leaf... 75ish days and holding. Not even yellow leaves on this one. Whats up? Probably going to be best puffage ever. Ta never know.
  5. P

    First time ever - need help

    SOIL GROW Strain - 1 Whitewidow + 3 unknowns "Nirvana freebies" # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - 3 seedlings + 1 Vegetative Bucket Size - 3 plastic cups + (1) 3 gallons pot Lights - (1) 180 Watt LED + (1) 37 Watt CFL Nutrients - Local soluble powder N,P,K "5,5,5" ;"20,5,5...
  6. dhetep

    Mutant Plant

    Hello All, I have attached a clone off a Bubble Gum strain. The clone has been topped and is in a 12 litter fogponic unit, PH 5.8, using GH nuts. This clone is growing single leaves and has what looks like a rash on some of the leaves. none of the other plants in the unit have these symptoms.
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