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  1. mycorrhizal fungi

    mycorrhizal fungi

  2. F

    1x Tangerine Dream, 2x Church, Soil, 1000W LED & 210W CFL 5.5k Nothing Too Crazy

    Decided to give a go at journalling this round. I don't have real concrete plans, as things got kind of screwy at the beginning. Room contents are as follows: TEMP ~69-74F RH 32% Sq.Ft(unknown currently. Approx. 8x5x5) 1000w LED + 2x105w CFL 5500k, 1x 24w 6400k CFL, 2x 3500k CFL 1x Tangerine...
  3. FungiClay

    1 White Widow, 2 Unknown Strain, 2x4 LED Organic Living Soil

    Welcome All! Thanks for stopping by for a peak. This is my second grow and im looking forward to being part of a community where i can share my passion for cannabis. I currently just finished week 5 of veg and am on day 3 of flower, so lets show you whats up! Seeds- 1 WhiteWidow -Rare Earth...
  4. N

    Mycorrhizae! Any one experienced with it?

    So I'm looking to add mycorrhizae to my outdoor and indoor plants, i was going to use with liquid fertilizer also. does anyone have and good experience on this root fungus?
  5. ThcSnow

    Sc supersoil and Myco inoculation drench?

    So I grow in subcools supersoil first recipe and I'm wondering if it's safe to use Myco Fusion green 110. I have been in flower for 2 weeks and one guy jeeps telling me to use it but I'm leery because my plant has been doing awesome! I posted in the soil section but it seem like it takes...
  6. ThcSnow

    Supersoil Myco Inoculation Drench?

    I am wondering if it's safe to use water soluble Mycos in sub's supersoil? Any help would be awesome because I can't find anything saying it's a good idea or not!!
  7. M

    M1's Multi Strain - 1500W - DWC/Soil - Grow - Lots of Resources

    Hello everyone, let me be the first to wish you all a great day and :welcome: you to my grow. During this grow I will be recording in depth over all plant health, growth, characteristics of strains and the method to my madness. Here I would like to share information and learn how other people...

    400w 2x Blue Widow & 2x G-Force

    Well after a failed attempt at growing in this space, I have re-tought the set up and invested in a Inline Fan to cool the HID (seems to keep room mild). In order to combat the limit in space this grow will be a SCRoG style grow. The operation is a few weeks in and getting ready to hit bloom...
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