1. Zombie Death-Grow Journal

    Zombie Death-Grow Journal

    DAY 97 DAY 39 FLOWER under the @Cultiuana CT-720 LED Gorilla Glue Super Lemon Haze Zombie Death x 2 @Weed Seeds Express Sirius Black Kannabia Gelato-K via @CannaPot
  2. Janluna

    Can you pre amend mycorrhiza inoculants?

    Putting some soil together and was wondering. The soil is going is going to be cooking for about a month, so im not quite sure if I should add the inoculants now or later. Using @DYNOMYCO brand.
  3. F

    Help with base soil & compost mix

    Hi all. This will be my first grow and the tent is not gonna be ready till the new year, I was gonna get my soil mix ready and if it needs time to cook it can, was after ppl's opinions on this as a base mix, was thinking of using this company for soil and compost as its local. The Field...
  4. S

    Fungi perfecti MycoGrow

    Fungi Perfecti: MycoGrow™ mycorrhizal products Has any body tried this stuff? Its way cheaper than any thing else I have seen. I am going get some and compare it to Advanced Nutreints line up that I dropped a load of cash on. But thats fine At least I have the same base nuts to use on both...
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