1. D

    Mylar and Hotspots

    I'm hanging some Mylar blankets in my grow room. About 5 feet from the wall and he length of the table I have. I don't know how to avoid hotspots. Any advice and info would be appreciated. Thanks! Happy Growing.
  2. I

    Attaching Mylar

    This might be a silly question but I am in the process of making my grow box and I am at a loss as to how to attach the Mylar. I dont really want to use nails so I was thinking glue. What do you guys use?
  3. Y

    Mylar film - Is it the best reflective material?

    Sorry I posted this on the grow room and no one has replied. I built a new grow box out this foam insulation. The foam has a dull sliver and it reflects light pretty well. But I'm wondering if I need to use mylar film on walls instead.
  4. D

    Build my first Grow Cabinet - Feedback appreciated

    Hey 420 Community! First time Grower with limited budget here. Started building this Cabinet around 2 weeks ago and am Planning to finish it within the coming week. To do: -Line walls with mylar -Get feedback -Apply feedback Pictures - (Sorry for Poor Quality will reshoot once I have time)...
  5. DonJuanaGrow

    600D Mylar vs 1680D Mylar by DonJuanaGrow

    Hey Everyone Here & Visitors Alike! I just HAD TO COMMENT/WARN All My Friendly GROWERS EVERYWHERE! - Now "I Truly Do Not Understand WHY I Haven't SEEN A Single WARNING ANYPLACE @ ALL- - In Regards to this- 600D MYLAR Material??? I Mean this SHIGHT Pardon my curse. Is just as I've- -...
  6. B

    Mylar sheet over the hydroton

    Hi, I recently put a circular sheet of mylar over the hydroton that goes around the plant, it has reduced water loss through evaporation and humidity. I am wondering even with these benefits along with the extra light reflection could it be harmful to the plant or roots? So far it seems to be...
  7. L

    cheap insulated Mylar panels

    what supplies you need for this are really simple. You need five or six 3/8"x20"x30" foam boards, there less than a buck fifty each. Kinda like what you use to use for science projects. You need a Mylar emergency blanket, they cost less than 2 bucks. You need a roll of duct tape. You...
  8. C

    Mylar for a cheap reflective material

    I'm looking for a cheap reflective material to help get more light to my plant , Im thinking of buying Mylar from amazon........(one is cheaper and 1m thick).......(one is $6 more but 2m thick----->) What I'm asking is should I buy Mylar, does it matter which one I buy like does that 2mil end...
  9. HolySpicoli

    Mylar vs. Diamond Foil

    Need to replace my crappy 1 mil mylar. Painting walls white is not an option. Should I just order the inexpensive 2 mil mylar or should I order Diamond Foil 6.7 mil? Other than durability, is Diamond Foil really that much better?
  10. J

    Abandoned Light of Jah - 2010

    Hello there 420 Magazine! This is a first time grow. We bought 10 Light of Jah seeds and that offer came with 20 free random seeds. A few weeks ago we planted 4 LoJ's, and 4 of the randoms in some Rockwool mini cubes and seem to be doing fine so far. As of right now the seeds are in a large...
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