1. kruton

    Free seeds

    I recently received a vial of free seeds to test and give my results back. So far one male came out of it so I'm going to collect it's pollen so I can make my own seeds. But this is my first time with dwc the leafs look weird because I didn't have the best air pump in it but recently upgraded...
  2. Pearcey's Plants

    Bag Seed Grow: Custom Light & LED

    Started a few bag seed for fun, let's see what we can get out of them. I currently have a green crack bag seed in flower that has turned out very well so far. Grow Tent 4’ x 3.5ft x 4ft Made from 2” PVC, wrapped with two layers of tarps and Mylar emergency blankets. Ventilation Exhaust: 6”...
  3. GodOfPot

    Completed God's First Grow - COB & LED - Cuvee, Jack Skellington - SCROG

    Updated Info Aug. 29th upgraded lights to a SunPlus Pioneer P6 COB + LED Sep. 9th added 2 x 2' T5 HO lights as a source of UVA/B No more mystery plants(none of the bag seed germinated) just 2x Cuvee(Indy hybrid) + 2x Jack Skellington (Sativa Hybrid) Nutes are now fertilome 20-20-20 for veg...
  4. J

    Mystery weed

    Marijuana Mystery weed - YouTube
  5. S

    Abandoned OAP First Grow: Aurora Indica Indoors

    OAP OAP quote for this Journal: "One of the simplest ideas for me to appreciate is observing something so small grow into something of beauty despite all circumstances." Intro: I was not planning on creating an online journal, however after all of the information and knowledge i acquired...
  6. K

    Abandoned Schag Seed Grow: Mystery Genetics, DWC, 400 Watt HPS

    Welcome to my Mystery Schag Seed Grow Stumbled upon some seeds I found in some schag weed. I thought, why not grow these babies out and see what kind of dank bud I will end up with. The weed I found these seeds in wasn't terrible smoke but it was in bad quality shape. It was bricked, possibly...
  7. SweetSue

    SweetSue's Clues to the ECS

    I need a space to drop the clues that keep throwing themselves at me. Maybe if I can get them all in one spot I can reason it out better. The mystery continues. This is such fun, like chasing down a lost treasure. :laugh2: This thread is about as close as you'll get to Susan, the student. If...
  8. S

    Abandoned Multi-Strain Steal Grow - Saloonlife

    Hi all been a avid looker for a while, but thought it should be time to post my own Journal. I am a first time gardener. I built my current garden into 1 of the toolboxes in my shed. The toolbox can still be returned to working order, I have included a spec, expected yield and cost to date of my...
  9. N

    Abandoned Newleaf's First Grow - Soil - Mega Jackpot - 2016

    Greetings! Me and the Mrs. started our first grow and really appreciate the chance to learn via this journal. Here's our set up: 4x4 Gorilla Lite T5 2x4' 600w MH & HPS with enclosed hood Apollo inline fan 390 cfm Charcoal filter STATUS: We successfully germinated 3 mega jackpot and 1...
  10. DankBacon1202

    Abandoned DankBacon's Mystery Sativa In Bubble Bucket With CO2 Supplementation

    Hi everyone, i havn't been on here and i figured i should share with everyone my current grow. Acquired the plant from a buddy that was about 2 weeks old in a red solo cup in soil that i moved to a hydro bucket. Ill do a photo dump of her life up to present as she is 43 days into 12/12...
  11. DankestBuds42

    Completed DankestBuds Aurora Indica Grown In Soil

    Hey everyone. Finally time to document my first grow! So currently I am running four plants: Two Feminized Aurora Indica's, one Kish of God, and one Mystery Strain. The Kish of God is bagseed, while the other three are from Nirvana. The Aurora Indica's are obviously heavy Indica while the Kish...
  12. Vestrimatrik

    Abandoned Monsters In The Making! Venice Beach Clones & Mysteries

    Hi again everyone! Time for my third grow!. :welcome: This round features 4 clones I took from my venice beach strain a while ago and 2 mystery seeds I sprouted about a month ago. Little bit of background: All 4 of the venice clones came from the last cutting before I switched to flower on my...
  13. Grow17

    Droopy Leaves after dark

    Ak48 Happy Frog & Perlite Using Fox Farms Grow Big & Hydo Guard every other watering. I use a meter to check soil wetness. Tall plant is a mystery seed. When lights are on, it's not as prevalent
  14. T

    First Grow - Just Kinda Happened - Total Noob!

    Normally, I don't grow. I'm really not as into weed as 90% of you on this site may be. I'm still working on the couple of grams i bought last month. Last Friday a buddy and I went to take a look at a Jeep for sale. We ended up chatting with the guy for a good hour and said we'd come back...
  15. M

    Nirvana Mystery Seeds Question

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has grown some of Nirvana's mystery seeds. I have 10 myself and was just wondering if anyone had any success and if they were able to figure out the strains.
  16. A

    Anomalous Conical Leaf

    Hi Everyone, Does this mutation look familiar at all? Just noticed it a week into flowering. Strain is bag-seed, though likely the progeny of a Trainwreck or Jack Herer mother (known stash). Lived outside all its life, and during veg was supplemented with CFLs to equate 20hrs...
  17. snooper

    Completed Mystery Bag Madness

    Second Grow From a bag that had heavy highs I saved all the seeds I could separate. When I decide to go ahead and grow I took out six of the largest and plump seeds from the batch. I had some Jiffy Peat pellets left over from starting some garden plants so I used them instead of placing them...
  18. K

    Abandoned First Grow! Oaksterdam Clones - Purple Dawg, G-Dawg, & Mystery Dawg (Joker)

    First Grow! Oaksterdam Clones from the blue sky coffee shop right by the campus I'm still relatively new to growing but I'm doing the best I can with what I have. I did a small 2 plant grow last but that was just for fun. This time I decided to get a little more serious with things. I know it's...
  19. Kushe

    Wierd Slump

    hi, i planted a new seedling outside about 2 weeks ago (they will be put inside in the winter) and yesterday it was standing tall, but today when i checked it it was in a wierd slump where about 1/2 inch of stem under the leaves is going straight up, then about 3 to 4 inches of the stem are...
  20. pebbles

    What am I GROwING?

    i found a dime bag with 20+ seeds, i germinated and now they are growing. but im alittle confused. i have no idea if im growing chronic or shwagg. at first i thought it was shwag due to the fact taht i live where they have never seen good bud ever . so assuming the worst of them i nurtured...
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