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  1. AussieNoob

    Yet Another First Grow Journal - Blue Mystic In Coco & Perlite

    Hey guys, Long long time stalker(not even member :35: ), first time poster. So enough bullshit. Started on the 12/07 (should be 07/12.... darn americans :circle-of-love: ) What strain is it? Blue Mystic Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower...
  2. S

    Salchipapa27's - Soil - Blue Mystic Auto - Grow Journal - 2016

    Im currently growing two Nirvana Blue Mystic Autos. They are under a t5 sun blaster and have shown growth from it. Im trying to keep the lighting schedule to 18/6. The seeds popped about 4 days ago. I put them in the soil Jan 2nd. And I will upload pictures of them from yesterday Jan 4th and...