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  1. Suntana

    Blue Dream Grow Help Leaf Issue

    Just raise your ph up to 6.5-6.8 every other feed, she will pick up the calcium and magnesium at a higher ph.
  2. E

    Rust Spots White Widow Auto Fem LED Grow Help

    What Strain is it? White Widow Auto Fem Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 35% Sativa / 65% Indica How Many Plants? 2 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Vegi - Day 28 If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? Day 28 From Sprout If in Flowering Stage... How Long? N/A Indoor or...
  3. H

    Hillbilly Outdoor Grow

    Hillbilly420 outdoor go around:goof: What strain is it? Auto Night Queen Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Indica dominant over 20% thc Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seeding If in Veg... For how long? N/a If in Flower stage... For how long? N/a Indoor or outdoor...
  4. S

    Grow Journal 2016 - First Timer Going Big Or Going Home!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time growing and am currently in the process of building my room.Here is the details of the room. Size - 20x20x17 Grow area space - 17x19 Intake fans - one 16" pulling air from 2 12" ducting. Outage fans - 2x 12" fans pulling through 2 40" charcoal...