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  1. Aqua Lab Tech

    New Disorderly Conduction PeliNail Accessories At Aqua Lab

    Make sure to click over to Dab Rigs, Bongs, Bubblers & Water Pipes | Aqua Lab Technologies and check out the new PeliNail Enail Accessories from Disorderly Conduction. The new Y Enail Coil splitter allows you to turn your Enail into Two Enails!!! Along with the new 24mm Enail Coil that works...
  2. KbCobra

    Portable dabber/E nail 510

    I used to use a vape pen with 510 threads to smoke menthol e juice (nicotine). I found this on eBay I was wondering if this just attaches to a regular vape pen battery with 510 threads to dab shatter or wax. I also wanted to know how do you put it on the nail? Do you put it on the nail then...
  3. S

    Titanium Sidearm Domeless Nail

    Hey everyone just a quick question. I recently bought a titanium Domeless nail with a side arm. I have noticed recently the sidearm seems clogged. What is the best way to unclog the sidearm? I have tried heating it with a torch with little results. Thanks!
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