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  1. GreenThunder

    A Tale Of Two Autos: White Widow & Psycho

    32 days ago I sprouted 2 autos, a White Widow and one called Psycho that I got from my son's friend. I am using Nectar for the Gods nutes and will move these gals from the seedling/veg closet into a closet in the room where the tent is located. I am hoping/planning to add LED lighting...
  2. MotaFina

    MotaFina - 2nd Indoor Grow - Damnesia & Special Kush - Supersoil - HID

    Hey everyone! So, this is my 2nd grow since the old days. Here are the details: Strains: Damnesia and Special Kush #1 Environment: Indoors in a 4x4 grow tent Lighting: CFLs for seeding, 400w MH for Veg, 1000w HPS for flowering Medium: I'm using a Supersoil mix that is based on Subcool's...
  3. Nunyabiz

    OG Kush & White Widow, Organic Living Soil, 614W LED

    I actually started this grow on June 8th. I am going to give a sort of readers digest condensed version for the past 12 almost 13 weeks so far. Then do regular updates from this point forward. I am growing in a bathtub, nothing fancy, no tent and only the white tile and white shower curtain as...
  4. B

    White Cookies Grow! - Powered By DormGrown

    Welcome Fellow Growers! We are starting a new grow powered by Dorm Grows 600W Full Spectrum Led, we'll be doing a complete Journal from start to finish. We're going to be growing a "White Cookies" clone from Crop King Seeds in a 5 gallon bucket using ''Nectar for the Gods'' Nutrient line, this...
  5. B

    First Grow Journal - Sour Diesel - OG Kush

    Hey everybody, I'm a first time grower and a first time grow journalist. Been getting tips from the page since the day I came up with the crazy idea to turn a 2'5" x 2' x 8' closet into a little grow space, so after a couple months of reading other people's journals I said fuck it and decided to...
  6. I

    My First Grow DS100 Diamond Series LED & Nectar For The Gods Nutes

    Hey how's it going fellow growers? Sorry no pics yet, but coming soon. I've got just one lady right now, she is a "Grape Ape" clone that I've been vegging under some daylight cfls from the depot for about 2 weeks now.She is also in an air pot(not sure which brand) She's been doing ok....but I...
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