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need help

  1. D

    First grow, two problems on separate plants, please help: week 4 into flower

    This is problem number one and its detail. I have no idea what this could be. It just looks like something white is on top of the leaf. Bit of this white thing is on nearly every leaf of the plant. This is problem number two and its detail. This looks like some kind of deficiency, but I don't...
  2. B

    Brand New Grower In Need Of Help

    Hello everybody, I'm growing, or ATTEMPTING to grow a single high CBD - No THC plant to learn for future grows. I quit my anti-depressant cold turkey and this CBD flower I buy at my local CBD shop here in Indiana is the only thing that had made this switch successful! :) Could someone with...
  3. B

    First Grow Ever! Please Give All The Advice! Aurora Indica, Coco Coir, Indoor, 2018

    First time growing literally anything. Not a single plant of any variety haha. I've read a bunch of forums and guides. Which equates to a knowledge base slightly above zero haha. Really doing this as a hobby because my friends and gf smoke, and I needed a hobby. Sounded fun to do all of the...
  4. T

    Need Advice or help with first grow

    This is my first grow and basicly I accidentally had the led light on both GROWTH and the BLOOM setting at the same time for 18H per day first mistake then the cylinder cent thing fell from the fan and cracked and bent the main stem on my biggest plant so I cut the stem off (fml) and now I am...
  5. Vik

    I'm a new grower and i need your help, if you want to help me :)

    A few month ago i started my own growing, but now i got some trouble in it.. I have no idea how to fight these disease, even didnt know what they are... So i ask help for fix it as faster as i can. Sorry for my bad english, isnt my motherlanguages :)
  6. D

    I need help

    can anyone tell me what's going I with my ww auto plants?... problem started about 4 days ago.
  7. RoyMoss1987

    1st time grower needing advice

    Hey everyone! I am a first time grower experiencing some issues with my girl, and I am at a loss for what to do next.
  8. Pakkman223

    Topped the newest and smallest growth

    2 days ago I topped the newest and smallest growth which left two fan leaves still to grow like in picture #1 but one seems to be falling behind. Did I damage it? And in picture #2 what diffidency do you think my plants have!
  9. Pakkman223

    Need help figuring out what deficiencies my plants have asap

    Growing is Espoma organic potting soil. Contains earthworm castings, perlite , and mycotone. 300 watt bloomspect led with 150 watt SATCO plant light beside, 27 inches from top of canopy. Day 22 for indica plant , day 17 for sativa plant in veg. Water ph is 6.0, fed once with 2 1/2 mL of cal...
  10. 2

    First Grow - Can I Recover?

    To begin with I got a pack of Feminized White Widow, and another pack of Auto Revolver seeds from Crop King. Germination went great and I started the plants off indoors until the time came at which there would be no chance of frost and it would be safe to plant them outdoors. Its here where I...
  11. C

    New grower looking for some good guidance

    Hi everyone, new growing here just recently purchased a 4 by 4 tent, 4 foot 4 bulb T5 and a 600-watt VIPARSPECTRA from Amazon. My original plans were to run my T5 for my vegetation and then switch to the 600 watt LED for flower and Bloom. Well I recently came across stealth grow sg602 LED grow...
  12. M

    First Time Grower - Bottom leaves are yellowing and dying in vegetative stage

    Can anyone explain what I've done wrong? plants are beginning their fourth week and all was well until the bottom leaves began yellowing. I use RAW grow - 7-4-5, which came with the hydroponic grow box I purchased. I have two plants and both are showing the same symptoms. Ph was usually...
  13. F

    Snip Snip

    Strain - Sativa # of Plants - 7 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flower 42 days Bucket Size - 5-15 Gallon Lights - (1) 1000 Watt HPS Nutrients - Alaska Fish Fertilizer Medium - 33% compost 33% perlite 33% peat moss Room Temperature -78 to 82 RH-50% Room Square Footage - 5.5' x 5.5' Pests...
  14. G

    Need HELP

    The last time I smoked was on 4/21/15, I am roughly 5'7 134 pounds an I have a drug test tomorrow I smoked about 2-3 blunts a day for about a week str8 not to mention all the bowls but I have been working an on 3 of my days off I was playing basketball at the park for like 2-3 hours should I...
  15. M

    Mahlon Bates First Grow - Journal Started May 2014

    What strain is it- ICE by Nirvana Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Through an intensive process of selection among thousands of plants, we managed to create Ice, a perfect union of quantity and quality. With its ancestry of Afghan, Shiva, Northern Light and a very special Skunk, Ice is a truly...
  16. S

    Moderately Heavy Smoker facing upcoming Drug Test - Help

    I am a 6'0" 180lb moderately heavy smoker male (1-2 times/day). I am moderately active but have started exercising like CRAZY to burn fat before the test. Last time I smoked was 1 week ago and I will probably have another week before I take my pre-employment drug test (total of 2 weeks clean at...
  17. D

    T8 Flouro: is it enough for now?

    hi this is my first grow and im currently using 2 philips 32watt 48 inch bulbs each have an output of 2750 lumens and the color temp is 6500k as of right now and for the veg state is this enough for my plants ? i only have 3 seedlings in a 6.5 by 2ft closet its completely white painted and even...
  18. N

    need help!

    When spray kelp should I spray buds
  19. L

    Help needed very slow growth!

    Hello world i have 2 plants in my closet they are in 3rd week from seed into very small pots, they have still only 2 sets of true leaves yet. My lightning is a 135 w ufo hydro blackstar 3w flowering and i am aiming to go with it from seed to harvest. What am i doing wrong? they grow in soil, i...
  20. W

    First Timer Closet LED/CFL Low Budget - Advice Welcome!

    - - - - - My plant log!! - - - - VEG STAGE The plant was up rooted nov,26,2012 potted and taken to my house. SETUP- -one 18' -15 watt 10,000k photon energy H/O -LED day light strip. one 120 watt 1800 lumens sylvania night chaser halogen- 18/6 light cycle watering only 2 times sofar. . -...
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