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  1. WillieT0813

    Question on germination indoors and growing outdoors

    I need advice on germinating indoors and moving them outdoors later. Can I grow them under a grow light while inside or do i need to set them in front of a window a couple hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon getting them used to sunlight while waiting on the weather to settle in...
  2. K.puff&stuff

    Suggested lighting for a 10x10 grow tent

    Hi guys i have a question for anyone that has experience with large grow tents. I need suggestion on lighting for a 10x10 grow tent i have 8 lights I got from China 850 watts eq to 1000 watts HID i'm only pulling 450 watts from the wall so i'm possitive the lights are not what they claim them to...
  3. N

    Fairly New - Need Advice

    So I'm just beginning my first grow and have everything coming in at the moment. 27"x27"x64" inch Grow tent, 600w LED light, using FoxFarm organic soil, and I have two seeds that are Germinating at the moment as well. I have been looking through the forums and have seen a lot of people speaking...
  4. L

    A question for all my Canadian family on this forum

    Hey everyone! I have some questions about getting a license to grow in Canada(from the ACMPR)... I know there is a lot of Canadian on this forum so I was hopping for some answers... How long does it take? What do you really need to do to get 1? How much does it cost? Is it worth it? Or...
  5. C

    Need THC detox fast for pre employment

    I have a preemploymemt drug screen tomorrow. I am a heavy smoker and need to detox quickly. I stopped smoking as soon as I found out so I have gone 3 days with out smoking anything. I really need to pass this test as I have been out of work for some time now. I have been drinking about a gallon...
  6. S

    I need help

    I can't seem to get past the taproot coming out and seed splitting I seriously need help!!! I'm trying to just grow anything to get a technique together. I have some regular seeds and I'm having a horrible time smh. I wanna get some good quality seeds but I don't want to waste my money as money...
  7. S

    Help me spend some money!

    Help me spend $1000 (or maybe a little more). I'm about to put together a grow space and want some suggestions. I've got a 20 plant ACMPR license, but don't necessarily have to have all 20 going at the same time. I'm planning on eventually having a separate space for veg/flower, but at the...
  8. F

    Urgent - What's the cause of those brown spots? Help!

    Hi! Temp is 83f Strain : White widow Medium : HP Promix with mycorazine light : 400W HPS Light distance : 19'' Watering Frequency : every 3-4 days or when the pot is light AF Water PH : 6.5 Water Drainage PH : 6.0 Humidity 20-30% Age : Day 17 from seed I gave it Cal/Mag yesterday along with...
  9. T

    Calculating Coco Usage

    Hi all :) Ive decided to make another run on a grow room but Its a few years since last time so im abit rusty. Im putting together a shopping list, my setup will have aprox 37 plants (37x 18L) My question is there a way to calculate how many liter coco i need for 37x18L pots? If i...
  10. F

    Cal mag

    Sorry if I'm in the wrong place and please direct me if I am. I was wondering if cal mag can be used when you apply your regular feeding or does it need to be added by it self with ph water thanks in advance
  11. Ron Strider

    Canada: NSLC Busy Making Plans For Marijuana Sales Next July

    Just hours before residents heard the news Thursday morning, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation itself learned that it will be responsible for running the recreational marijuana trade starting next year. Although the Crown corporation has been preparing for that possibility, the NSLC now has...
  12. L

    Newbie-Rookie ISO Answers

    What's up stoners growers and erybody else. I've been lurking around this forum for advice with my grow set up and I figured it was time to join up. So I'm finally jumpin on this grow thing full force. I need to know any pros and cons of the smokestack position I have my a.c. hood in right...
  13. U

    Unknown Ghost's First Indoor LED Grow - Purple Afghani & Lemon Skunk

    Using 5 Purple Afghani (10-12 Weeks) and 3 Lemon Skunk (8-10 Week) fem beans from MSNL. I soaked the seeds in a weak solution of filtered water w/Humic Acid and Liquid Kelp for 24 hours until visible tap root, then planted in Solo cups using Coco Coir (I think my soil mix is too strong for...
  14. J

    I am new to Phoenix Arizona

    Hi, I just moved from Sacramento California and have a recommendation letter and card already but, I now live in Phoenix Arizona and need to know if I need to get new ones and where can I get them at here in Phoenix. Please advise.:thanks:
  15. M

    Need a ID on a mold type

  16. B

    Need help sexing in veg

    Is this a male?
  17. L

    CMH question

    I have an extra 600W ballast and hood sitting around that I want to add into my grow room. I need to buy a bulb for it as I only have a spare 400w hps. I am curious is my ballast able to operate a cmh bulb, and if so what kind would I need? I was at my hydro store today and I was told that there...
  18. M

    12/12 lighting - New grower needs info

    Can any one help need to know when best time to switch to 12/12 lighting and should I drop 2 hours at a time heard it was better
  19. Lowded118

    Hi y'all from the North

    Hi I use mj for medical use. It's legal to grow your own in Canada. I've grown since 2015. I use advanced leds and promix. I've recently experimented with RDWC and failed. I have a water chiller and need to learn how to get this system working. Right now I have og kush, lemon juice express and...
  20. E

    1st time growing - Need your advice!

    Growing 6 plants, are you able to identify their genders yet? What advice would you give based on the photos posted below? Edit: for some reason it won't let me post photos, what is the best way to show photos of my plants?
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